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How to File a Subdivision Map


The New York Real Property Law sets the parameters regarding the filing of subdivision maps. In order to ensure compliance with the legal parameters set by New York State, the Suffolk County Clerk's Office has compiled the following checklist:

[ ] The Map and Map Name must be approved by theMicrographics Dept. If the map was previously submitted to the map department and subsequently rejected, an approval slip must be updated by the micrographics department on the date of filing.
[ ] TheHealth Departmentmust approve the subdivision prior to filing the map with the Clerk's office. The number of lots approved by the Health dept. must agree with the number of lots shown on the map (# of lots can be less than but never greater). The Health Department stamp must be dated within a year
[ ] The map must bear theTown or Village Planning Board'ssignature and date of approval and must be within 62 days of the date submitted for filing.
[ ] The map must bear the "Surveyors Notation" and include the signature, license number and date.
[ ] The map must bear a "Key" and must define 1 inch equal to 600 feet.
[ ] North Arrow must be displayed on the map.
[ ] All lots and blocks depicted on the map must be labeled and run in consecutive order
[ ] The map must reflect that concrete monuments are "set" at street intersections or proof of a compliance bond was received and accepted by the Town or Village.
[ ] A "Tie line" must extend to an existing street and must be depicted on the map on the same side of the street
[ ] All adjacent property must be identified on the map.
[ ] The dimensions of the map must be either 18" x 20" or 20" x 36".
[ ] Three duplicate originals are needed:
1. One Mylar for the Suffolk County Clerk
2. One duplicate original for the Town Planning Board(two are required by the Towns of Huntington and Brookhaven)
3. One duplicate for the Town Assessor.
NOTE: For Incorporated Villages, 2 additional copies must be provided.
[ ] The map must be accompanied by an abstract. The abstract must follow a 20 year chain of title. The chain cannot begin with either a tax deed or an estate deed. If either condition exists the abstract must go back an additional 20 years. The abstract must also contain a description of the property, which must be identical to the map.
[ ] The property owner's name must be identical to the owner's name on the abstract and the map name and the map abstract must also be identical.
[ ] All taxes assessed to the real property must be Paid In Full. This means that both halves of all Towns and Village tax pertaining to the current tax year must be paid.
[ ] A current "to date" search requisition signed and dated by the Title company officer must be submitted with the map.
[ ] If the property being subdivided is on a previously filed subdivision map then a certificate of abandonment must be filed prior to or simultaneously with the new subdivision map.
[ ] A receipt called a Certificate of Compliance with Real Property Tax Law must be obtained from the Real Property Tax Service Division and presented at the time of the map filing.

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