Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

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Sheriff Vincent F. DeMarco


Assistant Deputy County Executive Timothy D. Sini, Esq.

Executive Director

Colleen Ansanelli, L.M.S.W.


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200 Suffolk Avenue
Yaphank, NY 11980-0205
TEL (631) 852-7009
FAX  (631) 852-7342
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Criminal Justice Coordinating Council


To improve criminal justice policy and program decision-making by providing agencies and government with a better understanding of crime and criminal justice problems; fostering cooperation among agencies and local government; improving the allocation of resources; and provide comprehensive system wide planning toward understanding crime and criminal justice problems within the county.


To stimulate and direct the allocation of new funding and technological advances and other innovations for preventing crime;

to increase the efficiency of the law enforcement and criminal justice systems through improved productivity, training, organization and equipment;

to encourage coordination in planning by law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in Suffolk County, all for the basic purpose of reducing the incidence of crime which threatens the peace, security, and general welfare of all.

To provide a continuing systems overview resulting in improved coordination and cooperation among local criminal justice agencies.