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Office of Energy

The goal of the Division of Energy is to help identify ways in which local governments such as Suffolk County can lead by example and act as role models to the general public by reducing energy usage and incorporating new energy technologies in new buildings or facilities, when retrofitting existing buildings or facilities, and when replacing bus and vehicle fleets.

Reducing reliance on fossil fuels and using cleaner energy alternatives (such as geothermal systems, solar energy, fuel cells, efficient lighting, natural gas, biodiesel, and hybrid-electric vehicles) not only saves taxpayer money, but improves our air quality and reduces the associated health impacts (e.g., asthma, lung cancer, etc.) to our residents. There is a clear need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil sources, reduce the already high electricity demand on Long Island, and reduce the effects of climate change, such as sea level rise associated with global warming.

The Office of Energy identifies opportunities for improved energy policies for the county and coordinates with the  Department of Public Works on all clean energy projects by helping to identify where opportunities for clean energy are available. It is these smart government investments that not only lead to a cleaner environment and increase overall quality of life for our residents, but will also reduce energy costs to the taxpayers.


Clean Air Initiatives



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Suffolk County has signed to become a community partner in NYS Department of Transportation's Clean Air NY Initiative.  Learn more about this program by clicking on the logo.
Suffolk County encourages all residents to visit www.nuride.com - An innovative website that makes ridesharing hassle free.  Reduce Emissions, Save Gas and Earn Rewards.


On-Going Activities

Suffolk County was the first municipality to adopt a Clean Energy Action Plan. This plan is a clear set of goals that identifies specific activities that the County is currently engaged in or will be moving forward on in the coming years. This enables the County to promote cleaner energy policies for its residents and chart its progress towards reducing, as well as utilizing, cleaner more efficient energy. 

Since the inception of this plan, Suffolk County has invested over 17 million dollars in clean energy building retrofits and alternative energy technologies. Suffolk County has also begun purchasing green power attributes for 15% of its total energy consumption resulting in approximately 18 million pounds of carbon dioxide reductions each year.  

  • Suffolk County Clean Energy Action Plan  
  • Green Power attributes purchased for 15% of Suffolk County’s energy consumption
  • US Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement – Cool Cities Program:
  • A series of 12 action items aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 7% below 1990 levels by 2012
  • Environmental Leader Award – Greater Long Island Clean Cities Coalition
  • Solar Achievement Award – Renewable Energy Long Island
  • Hosted Energy Infrastructure Summit to create a regional roadmap for sound energy infrastructure to diversify our energy supply and meet increasing demand while advancing energy efficiency and clean energy goals
  • Banned use of low efficiency lightbulbs in county facilities  
  • Biodiesel Pilot Programs  

o        Bergen Point and Indian Island Facilities

o        Suffolk County Dredging Projects