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Are you a good neighbor?

Most people try to be. They’re glad to pitch in when a neighbor needs a hand, or do a small favor now and then. But being a really good neighbor takes more than that. Before you fall asleep in bed tonight take a moment to think about the people you’d depend on if you suddenly smelled smoke, or a family member tripped in the dark and fell downstairs. It would be those very special neighbors who staff Suffolk County’s volunteer fire and emergency medical service units. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, these men and women protect you, your home, and your loved ones without ever asking for pay...or even thanks. Now that’s a good neighbor!

Here’s what it takes to be a good neighbor...

The basic requirements are simple. Volunteers must be:
18 years of age or older.
In good physical health.
Of sound moral character.

There are some "givens" too.
You should be:
Caring and community minded.
A team player.
The type of person who enjoys a challenge, who likes to learn and acquire new skills.

...and here are the rewards.
Some things are worth more than money and stay with you longer. Things like:
Respect: From every member of your community.
Accomplishment: Train to be a firefighter or an EMS provider and you’ll develop knowledge and skills few can claim.
Friendship: Some of your strongest social ties you’ll ever make will be with your brother and sister volunteers...people who share your commitment and ideals.
Satisfaction: Nothing beats the sense of fulfillment that comes from doing an important job well while helping your community.

Some frequently asked questions about volunteering
Q: How much time does it take to be a volunteer?
A: It varies from week to week, but on the average you’ll put in seven or eight hours. Many volunteers enjoy putting in more.
Q: What will my training cost?
A: It will cost you nothing. Thousands of dollars of valuable career training will be made available to you free of charge.
Q: How long will it be before I can make a genuine contribution?
A: Immediately. And your responsibilities will increase as you gain experience and training.
Q: Will I have any out-of-pocket costs?
A: No. Your uniform, equipment – even your annual physical – will be provided for free.
Q: How do I get started?
A: Call us at 1-877-WE2-WANTU and we’ll help put you in touch with your local fire or EMS District. Because Districts often overlap town lines, don’t assume that the nearest station is necessarily your local agency – check with us. Call Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm.

Sign Up Now! Remember: behind every Firefighter or EMS Provider there are scores of people who support them. If you have a skill, we have a way to use it. Just give us a call, we need you!