Health Services

Suffolk County Cancer Prevention Strategy

In 2009, the Suffolk County Cancer Awareness Task Force was charged with developing a Cancer Prevention Strategy. Finalized in the Fall of 2011, it is envisioned that this Cancer Prevention Strategy is a plan of action that will be used in the coming years to address the burden of cancer in Suffolk County and serve as a model to other municipalities. Many of the components of the Strategy, such as the Home Product Checklist and the Lunch and Learn Program, which has had over 700 participants over the last three years, have already been implemented.

Home Product Checklist

In an effort to Promote Healthy Homes, the Suffolk County Cancer Awareness Task Force developed a Home Product Checklist to help residents identify possible health hazards in the home and also inform the public of healthier alternatives. To use the checklist, print out, and then determine if you use any products of concern.