Background Check & Drug Screening

In addition to completing and submitting their application, applicants for both For-Hire Vehicle and For-Hire Driver Licenses MUST pass a background check for ANY SCTLC For-Hire License to be issued.  Applicants for a For-Hire Driver License must also undergo and pass a Drug Screening.  For-Hire Driver License holders are required to pass Drug Screening annually.

Referral information for both LabCorp and Morphotrust will be given after a complete application is submitted.

Background Check

IdentoGo by Morphotrust USA

IdentoGo by Morphotrust USA will process Vehicle and/or Driver License applicant Background Checks for the SCTLC.

Applicants will be fingerprinted and pay a $99.75 fee directly to IdentoGo by Morphotrust USA.

Fingerprints must be submitted under the SCTLC Originating Agency Number (ORI).  The ORI may be obtained upon submission of application.


Applicants may schedule a Background Check appointment at

By Phone

Call toll-free at 877-472-6915 to schedule an appointment.  

Drug Screening


LabCorp will process Drug Screening for the SCLTC.  

Upon submission of a Driver License application, applicants will receive a referral form allowing an appointment to be made at LabCorp.  A fee of $26 is payable to LabCorp (check, credit, debit, money order only)


Walk-in appointments are also accepted.  Check LabCorp website.