Metal Detecting

Metal detectors are authorized for use with valid Permit on the seaward side of the primary dunes and vegetated areas of the following county parks only:

Montauk County Park - Montauk
Cedar Point County Park
- East Hampton
Meschutt Beach County Park
- Hampton Bays
Shinnecock East County Park
- Southampton
Charles F. Altenkirch County Park
- Southampton
Cupsogue Beach County Park
- Westhampton
Smith Point County Park
- Shirley

  • No disturbance of any upland areas, historic sites or environmental sensitive areas or bird nesting sites allowed.
  • No flora is to be disrupted or damaged in any way.
  • All areas that are disturbed as a result of metal detector use should be fully restored so as not to cause a hazard.
  • Some areas of the parks listed may be closed at various times due to changes in beach conditions, maintenance or protection of natural resources.