Reservation System


Reservation System Update:

To access the reservation system you will need to answer the question below.


  • We had anticipated expanding the booking policy to 120 days, from the current 90 days. Due to the large number of patrons still becoming acclimated to the new reservation system, we have decided to continue the 90 day booking policy until further notice.
  • When making a reservation please note that some campsites have been renumbered.
  • Montauk County Park is now on the Reservation System.
  • Suffolk County Parks' gift cards can now be redeemed and used toward payment when making reservations. You must have a pin number when using a gift card to make payments online. If you do not have a pin number, please call the administration office at (631)854-4949.
  • All reservations must be made through this online reservation system. The telephone reservation system will no longer be available.
  • * Have you established a new username for the new Suffolk County Parks Reservation System since January 20, 2015?