Reservation System

November 20, 2014

Dear Park Patron,

REF:               UPDATE:  Point of Sale & Reservation System

 The Suffolk County Parks Department is pleased to announce that we have selected a new vendor for our golf, camping and marina reservation system.  Our current contract is set to expire on December 31, 2014 and in preparation for the transition from the old system to the new system, we would like to make you aware of some important dates and information that will be helpful to you as you plan your future outings.

 In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, it is necessary for us to transfer our current customer and park data from the old system into the new one.  This will require that we inactivate various portions of the system while this transfer takes place, and we would therefore like to make you aware of the following: 


 Camping and golf reservations (phone and web) will be shut off as of November 21, 2014.  From November 21, 2014 until the new system is implemented, Parks will only be taking walk-up patrons for camping, while golf patrons will be permitted to call the pro-shop to make a reservation.  The web reservation system will reopen in early 2015.  The phone (IVR) system will not be reactivated. Patrons will be required to utilize the on-line reservation system for camping and golf.  The new vendor has invested a great deal of resources into developing mobile applications for the system which will benefit those who wish to make reservations via smart phones, tablets and laptops, which were previously not available with the old system.  Exact dates and instructions for the opening of the new reservation system will be made available via the Parks webpage , and will be posted on our Facebook  page at or twitter at .


 From December 1, 2014 until early January 2015, parks and golf courses will not be selling green key cards.  This will allow customer data to be transferred completely to the new system.  During this time, expired green key cards or residency proof will be honored for patrons to receive the proper discount for golf, camping, or permits, until green key cards can be sold on the new system.


 We will continue to sell and redeem gift cards on the old system until December 24, 2014 for the convenience of customers during the holiday season.  As of December 25th, gift card usage will be temporarily suspended until the information and balances are transferred to the new system, anticipated to be early 2015.

 We appreciate your continued patience and cooperation as we transition to our new system. 


 The Parks Department