Aquaculture Lease Board

catch bags stacked next to orange buckets of shellfish

The Aquaculture Lease Board (ALB) is the entity responsible for conducting public meetings to review and consider all potential lease sites that were applied for in a given lease application cycle. The ALB will act on each lease application by a majority vote to either approve or disapprove each of the lease sites that were proposed. Meetings dates, times and location will be announced in a public notice.

All written comments received in response to the 60-day public comment period will be presented at the first meeting of the ALB. Anyone may attend, speak and submit additional comments at this meeting. The ALB will then reconvene at a subsequent meeting to make its decision, based on a regional environmental perspective and Division staff commentary, on which potential lease sites will be available for lease consideration, as well as those sites that will be removed from such consideration.

If you have any questions regarding the status of the Aquaculture Lease Board, please contact Ms. Susan Filipowich of the Division of Planning and Environment,
at (631) 853-4775 or

Public Notices

There are no ALB Meetings Scheduled at this time.

2018 Lease Application Cycle Meeting Materials

Comments Received During 60-day Public Notice Period

ALB Meeting #1 Agenda

ALB Meeting #1 Presentation

ALB Meeting #2 Agenda

ALB Meeting #2 Presentation

Aquaculture Lease Board Decisions

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