Program Maps

Map of Shellfish Cultivation ZoneThe Shellfish Cultivation Zone map shows the area within which shellfish leases can be issued. This 29,969 acre zone includes former New York State Department of Environmental Conservation-issued Temporary Marine Area Use Assignment locations; historic, private oyster grants; and other contiguous areas where the impacts/conflicts of shellfish aquaculture activities on environmental resources/socio-economic concerns will be minimal. New shellfish aquaculture leases will be limited to a total of 60 additional acres per year, for a maximum of 300 acres during the first five years of the program, and a total of 600 acres by the tenth year of program implementation. 

Shellfish Cultivation Zone Review

The County is required by NYS Environmental Conservation Law §13-0302 and Local Law 25-2009, to conduct a five year administrative review of the Shellfish Cultivation Zone. As a part of this requirement, the County issued a 45-day Public Notice in February 2014 and requested written comments on the Shellfish Cultivation Zone (Shellfish Cultivation Zone Review Public Notice & Distribution List). 

During this public comment period the County received two comments; neither made any objections or requested changes to the Shellfish Cultivation Zone. The first comment received was from the Town of Huntington Department of Planning and Environment, which stated that they had no comment. Lease Application Cycle #1 Leaseholder Michael Craig of East End Oysters, submitted the second comment in which he offered his support and appreciation for the County’s Shellfish Aquaculture Lease Program.

As discussed in the letter to County Executive Bellone (Shellfish Cultivation Zone Five-Year Review and Determination), the County determined that no changes will be made to the Shellfish Cultivation Zone at that time, but would instead focus on the conduct of an in-depth review of the Shellfish Cultivation Zone and all other aspects of the Lease Program during the Ten Year Review of the Shellfish Aquaculture Lease Program.

Map 1: Shellfish Cultivation Zone

The Aquaculture Lease Sites map was constructed as a planning tool to aide the Department of Planning in the implementation of the Shellfish Aquaculture Lease Program. A grid system was overlaid onto the Shellfish Cultivation Zone, and each grid was designated by an ID #. Additionally, the Temporary Marine Area Use Assignments and historic, private oyster grants were also shown on the map, and labeled and numbered with an alphanumeric designation. 

Map 2: Aquaculture Lease Sites

The Interactive Aquaculture Lease Status Map was created by Suffolk County to aide the public and potential applicants. Essentially, this map depicts the status of lease site locations within the Shellfish Cultivation Zone, i.e., whether a site has been leased, has been applied for, or is available for leasing. 

Interactive Aquaculture Lease Status Map

Benthic Habitat Mapping Products
The Department of Planning utilized information derived from the Peconic Estuary Program’s Benthic Mapping for Habitat Classification in the Peconic Estuary to develop the maps below. These maps may be useful to potential applicants when applying for a lease site location. 

Species Diversity and Geophysical Province Boundaries 

Sediment Grain Size Distribution

Informational Program Maps
These maps were prepared by the Department of Planning to be used as tools to aid potential lease applicants interested in pursuing a Shellfish Aquaculture Lease with Suffolk County. 

Aquaculture Lease Sites & NOAA Nautical Charts
This map should only be used as a reference and should not be used for navigation. 

Aquaculture Lease Sites & NYSDEC Trawl Survey Sampling Grids