Juvenile Day Reporting Center Program (JDRC)

SPO Crislyn Jacob at 852-5038    

 An alternative to residential placement. Alternative educational program providing learning through environmental stewardship.

Target Population
 Male Juvenile Delinquents in VOP status in imminent risk of placement for educational issues such as truancy and behavior, but not limited to this criteria. Individuals are evaluated on a case by case basis

Special Features:
Monday to Friday daily supervision. Youth are assigned to the JAG unit, who provide intensive supervision at night and some weekends. Transportation and security are provided by P.O.s. Cornell Cooperative staff provides the educational and environmental program.  Peconic Dunes Camp and SouthavenPark are sites, as well as various Suffolk County Parklands. Maximum of 20 youth can be served.

Referral Process:
Any J.D. male in VOP status or at risk of, can be screened by the Supervising Probation Officer of the program.