Family Court Petitions



You may file an action (termed a petition) at Probation Family Court Intake in order to gain entry to Family Court. Such petitions may concern Custody, Visitation, Paternity and various Support issues. 

Intake services are located in two offices.  For residents of Western Suffolk, Probation Intake is located in the Cohalan Court complex, 400 Carleton Avenue, Central Islip (631-853-4246).  For residents of Eastern Suffolk, Probation Intake is located in the Riverhead County Center (631-852-1939). 

Probation Intake in Riverhead also files petitions for Family Court Orders of Protection.  At the Cohalan Court Complex in Central Islip, petitions for Family Court Orders of Protection are filed directly with the Family Court Clerk's Office, located in Room 134.

When filing for Custody or Visitation, the child must currently be in Suffolk County or have been a resident of Suffolk County within the last six months in the case of out of state custody actions. 

Probation Intake files modifications of support petitions for non-custodial parents.  Probation Intake can also file a petition if you are the custodial parent and are requesting that the order of support be paid direcly to you.

Child Support Enforcement Bureau (CSEB) (1-888-208-4485) files petitions for custodial parents seeking an order of support payable through CSEB.  They also file petitions for modification or violation of support orders for custodial parents who already receive CSEB services.  Any petitions for support for minor children where the other party (respondent) resides out of state must be filed at CSEB. 

To file a petition, you need to know the specific relief you are seeking and be able to state the reason you are requesting that relief, an address for the other party and two copies of any pertinent Court orders, if applicable.  

You may choose to file your own Family Court petition.  To do so, go to the website listed below and choose the type of petition you want to file.  Completed petitions must be filed with the General Clerk of the Family Court (631-853-4289).