Foster Care Services

Foster Care: (631) 854-9359 

There are times when children who cannot live with their parents because of neglectful or abusive family situations, come into foster care either through voluntary surrender or court order.

This service places children who are currently in the custody of the Commissioner of Social Services into family foster homes, group homes, or licensed child care institutions and provides for room and board, clothing, medical care and other special needs.

Want to Become a Foster Parent? (631) 854-9460 or (631) 853-KIDS (5437)

Are you someone who enjoys parenting and is willing to share your home, time and energy with children who need an extra helping of love?  In addition to receiving extensive training and reimbursement to help with the expenses while a child is in your home, you can also expect the many rewards becoming a foster parent brings, such as, a sense of accomplishment, the chance to help children feel good about themselves, pride in doing a meaningful and important job, the chance to meet and work with new people, and the opportunity to make a lifetime of difference in a relatively short period of time.

Children come into foster care for a variety of reasons including the illness, death, or incarceration of their parents or as a result of neglectful or abusive family situations.  Social Services relies on foster families to provide a safe, loving, temporary family for these children who cannot live with their own families.  A child's stay in foster care may be as short as overnight of as long as it takes to achieve a permanent plan for the child.

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Foster Care / Local Educational Agency – Point of Contact: (631) 854-9311

The Federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) of 2015 regarding students in foster care requires that school districts and charter schools provide assurances that they will collaborate with the local department of social services to develop and implement clear written procedures for how transportation to maintain children in foster care in their school of origin when in their best interest will be provided, arranged, and funded for the duration of their time in foster care. 

The Suffolk County Department of Social Services has designated Child Placement Bureau Assistant Director Anjela Pandolfo as its child welfare point of contact for school districts. Ms. Pandolfo can be contacted at 631-854-9311 or via email.