Deborah Danley Appointed to Suffolk County Youth Board Council

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(HAUPPAUGE, NY Aug. 21, 2014)--Deborah Danley has been appointed to a three-year term on the Suffolk County Youth Board Coordinating Council.

“The Suffolk County Youth Board does a great job identifying issues and working with the young people of Suffolk County,” County Executive Steve Bellone said. “She will be able to use her experience in working with organizations and youth to continue to serve everyone well.”

Danley, a resident of Kings Park, was appointed July 29 by the Suffolk County Legislature and will represent the 13th District. 

Legislator Rob Trotta said, “I believe Debbie Danley will be a tremendous asset to the Suffolk County Youth Board based on her experience and work with the PTA, Kings Park School District Council and other youth related activities. It was an honor to nominate her for this Board.”

The mission of the Suffolk County Youth Bureau is to successfully meet the needs of Suffolk County Youth, under the age of 21, by ensuring effective countywide planning, thoughtful development, and efficiency in the management of resources necessary to sustain the County’s youth service system. The Youth Bureau staff conducts monitoring and evaluation of youth programs, research and planning, information and referral, and training and technical assistance for community based youth organizations. More than 180 youth programs are funded through the Bureau’s regular budget stream, as well as over 200 programs on a contingency funded basis.

The Suffolk County Youth Bureau was established as a distinct entity within the Office of the County Executive more than  a quarter century ago.

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Deborah Danley appointed to a three-year term on the Suffolk County Youth Board Coordinating Council