Sheriff DeMarco Offers Tips to Stay Safe During the Blizzard

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The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office has actively engaged all assets in preparation for the arrival of the blizzard expected to hit Long Island with tremendous force this evening and throughout the overnight hours.

Pictured is a Sheriff's Office Humvee

Suffolk Sheriff Vincent F. DeMarco stated, “This storm could bring dangerous winds which could potentially lead to downed power lines.  If you lose heat in your home, make a plan to stay in one room and use blankets to cover up any areas where heat could easily escape.”

He also suggested that residents have a supply of food and drinks to supply energy and prevent dehydration, and keep faucets running on a slow drip if there is any danger of your water pipes freezing.

“The most vulnerable pipes are those that run through unheated crawl spaces or unprotected areas of the home.  By keeping the faucets slightly turned on, you may be able to prevent your water from freezing, which can happen to exposed pipes under these extreme weather conditions,” Sheriff DeMarco advised.

He also advised residents to take safety precautions following the storm as well.  “With this type of storm, it will take some time to clear the roads.  Stay safe by staying off the roads and indoors until the plows have fully cleared the roadways,” said Sheriff DeMarco.

The following are some additional health and safety tips for snow removal:  

  • Do not go outside during periods of heavy winds to remove snow from your driveway.  While you may be eager to get ahead of the snow removal, be aware of the danger of falling trees and power lines.  Wait until the winds die down to begin removing the snow.
  • Pace yourself by taking frequent breaks when attempting to remove large volumes of snow. This is especially important if you don’t exercise regularly.  Snow removal is an aerobic activity and older people and anyone with a medical condition should consult with a doctor before shoveling snow. 
  • The act of lifting heavy snow can raise blood pressure and poor posture can cause severe back pain, so shovel small amounts at a time or push the snow. 
  • Dress in layers to help prevent hypothermia and wear a hat because much of your body’s heat can be lost through your head.      
  • Avoid alcohol consumption prior to shoveling snow.  The warm sensation from the alcohol could impair your judgment and make it difficult to discern if your body is cold.  This could lead to hypothermia.
  • If you feel shortness of breath or any chest pains, call 911 immediately.