About the DA's Office

District Attorney Bureaus and Units

Appeals Bureau

The Appeals Bureau handles all post-judgment proceedings in the state and federal courts. In addition to this primary function, the appellate attorneys frequently provide trial support in the form of legal research, writing and oral argument. The Bureau's specialists also deal with extraditions, subpoenas, sealing and unsealing files, requests for records, production of material witnesses, petitions for bail reduction, and proceedings brought under New York State's Indian Law.

The Bureau consistently sustains convictions in more than 95% of the appeals in felony cases. In 2009, it handled 177 state appeals (4 in the New York Court of Appeals), 80 state habeas corpus proceedings, 2 federal appeals, 29 federal habeas corpus proceedings, 139 Freedom of Information requests, 11 extraditions, as well as over 750 other matters.

  • Forensic Psychiatric Litigation Unit
    The Forensic Psychiatric Litigation Unit is responsible for hearings to determine defendants' competence to stand trial, evaluation of possible not responsible defenses at trial, post commitment retention proceedings and civil commitment information requests.  
  • Training and Education Unit
    The Training and Education Unit provides training for prosecutors and investigative personnel and Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit for prosecutors as an accredited provider in the State of New York. The unit assists in staffing appropriate courses for the Suffolk County Sheriff, local police departments, and the New York State Prosecutors Training Institute (NYPTI).

Asset Forfeiture Unit

The Asset Forfeiture Unit's primary responsibility is to commence civil court actions under Article 13-A of the Civil Practice Law and Rules to recoup the proceeds, substituted proceeds and instrumentalities resulting from criminal activity. The unit also maintains and administers restitution collected for the benefit of crime victims.

Case Advisory Bureau

The Case Advisory Bureau's primary function is to perform the initial screening and review of felony cases. Assistants in the bureau appear at the initial arraignment and make bail recommendations in appropriate cases. The Bureau also handles pre-grand jury plea negotiations and presents cases to the Grand Jury if a deposition cannot be reached. Another primary function of the Bureau is to advise Suffolk County's law enforcement agencies and draft search warrants and subpoenas 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Bureau

The Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Bureau investigates and prosecutes all felony cases involving the physical and sexual abuse of children under the age of 17. The bureau works closely with the Computer Crimes Section of the Suffolk County Police Department in the investigation and prosecution defendants arrested for possessing and/or producing child pornography. CADVB handles proceedings relating to the assignment of risk levels to sex offenders pursuant to the Sex Offender Registration Act (Megan's Law) and prosecutes offenders for failing to comply with the registration requirements. CADVB handles proceedings relating to the assignment of risk levels to sex offenders pursuant to the Sex Offender Registration Act (Megan's Law) and prosecutes offenders for failing to comply with the registration requirements.
The Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Bureau is also responsible for the prosecution of all felony cases involving family violence including assault, criminal mischief, homicide and other offenses related to the violation of orders of protection.

Assistant District Attorneys in the Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Bureau are specially trained in identifying child sexual abuse syndrome, battered child syndrome, shaken baby syndrome, battered women's syndrome, and rape trauma syndrome. They also work with members of the Suffolk County Child Abuse Strike Force, a multi-disciplinary team comprised of members of the County Attorney's Office, the Police Department, Child Protective Services and a medical team designated to perform examinations on sexually abused children.

  • The Domestic Violence Unit
    This unit handles all of the misdemeanor cases involving intimate partner violence. All of the felony cases involving violations of orders of protection (Criminal Contempt) are prosecuted in the unit up to and including the grand jury stage. Complainants appearing in the DVU are assisted in obtaining orders of protection, referrals to domestic violence advocacy agencies and safety planning. The Domestic Violence Unit is responsible for staffing the Domestic Violence Court in Central Islip and the Integrated Domestic Violence Part in the Supreme Court where cases involving criminal, family court and matrimonial matters are heard. The Domestic Violence Unit also handles the prosecution of designated felony offenders in the Family Court. These defendants are 13, 14, and 15 year olds charged with serious sexual assaults.

District Court Bureau

The District Court Bureau is primarily responsible for prosecuting both misdemeanor crimes and violations, including Driving While Intoxicated and various quality of life crimes committed in Suffolk County. Specialized teams within the bureau also prosecute bias crimes, welfare fraud, graffiti cases, sex offenses, gang crimes, prostitution, animal cruelty and scofflaws. In 2009, the District Court Bureau handled almost 45,000 new cases; approximately 875 new cases every week.

East End Bureau

The East End Bureau investigates and prosecutes misdemeanors and violations occurring in Suffolk County's five eastern towns: Riverhead, Southold, Southampton, Shelter Island and East Hampton. The Bureau also conducts felony arraignments and evaluates felony cases for grand jury consideration. It also advises the east end police departments during their investigations. In 2009 the bureau handled over 8,410 new cases; approximately 160 per week.

Economic Crimes Bureau

The economic crime bureau investigates and prosecutes crimes that have an economic impact on the residents of Suffolk County such as embezzlement, attorney fraud, mortgage fraud , credit card and check fraud and elder abuse. The bureau includes the following units:
White Collar Crime Unit- handles complex frauds and schemes
Elder Abuse Unit- investigates and prosecutes financial crimes by caregivers and others targeting elderly victims

Environmental Crime Unit- investigates and prosecutes crimes that threaten the health, safety and environment of Suffolk County

Mortgage Fraud Unit- investigates and prosecutes complex residential mortgage fraud schemes and the criminal enterprises responsible for them

Government Corruption Bureau

The Government Corruption Bureau investigates and prosecutes crimes by elected and appointed officials who violate the public trust. Since January of 2002, the bureau has successfully prosecuted dozens of public officials and employees.

Homicide Bureau

The District Attorney's Homicide Bureau investigates and prosecutes murder indictments. In 2009, the Homicide Bureau handled multiple investigations resulting in 21 indictments, 10 trials, 36 pre-trial hearings, and 26 total dispositions.

Labor, Insurance and Revenue Crimes Bureau

In August of 2011, the District Attorney created a specialized bureau whose mandate is to protect and recover monies stolen from government sources.  The Labor, Insurance and Revenue Crimes Bureau (LIRCB) applies a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing crimes that undermine our economy and drain needed revenue from the public by integrating several units to comprehensively address these crimes.      

    The Labor Law Unit has the responsibility of investigating violations of New York State’s Labor Laws, primarily Prevailing Wage statutes governing employee compensation of those working on public works projects so that taxpayers, workers and honest businesspeople are protected.  The unit also investigates and prosecutes thefts from employee benefit and retirement funds.  
    The Tax Crimes Unit specializes in crimes against the tax laws of the State of New York. The TCU receives case referrals from many agencies and works closely with several State and Federal Agencies to investigate and prosecute tax crimes.  Many of these crimes involve the evasion or theft of taxes from New York State.  
    The Insurance Crimes Unit investigates insurance related fraud with the assistance of the State Department of Insurance Frauds Bureau and the Suffolk County Police Auto Crimes Squad, as well as undertaking internal undercover investigations targeted at insurance fraud rings and other organized insurance fraud schemes.  
    LIRCB also has a Computer Crimes Unit, staffed by specially-trained detective investigators who are responsible for investigating crimes under Article 156 of the Penal law. The unit also assists the SCPD Computer Crime Section investigations. 
    LIRCB Assistant District Attorneys also work with the SCPD Identity Theft Section to investigate and prosecute identity theft and related crimes affecting citizens of Suffolk County. 

Major Crime Bureau

Investigates and prosecutes serious and complex violent felony cases including robbery, assault, burglary, sexual assault and Driving While Intoxicated as a felony.

Narcotics Bureau

The Narcotics Bureau conducts complex investigations of narcotics trafficking and regularly works with state, federal and international law enforcement to prosecute those who sell and possess illegal drugs. The bureau also operates the District Attorney’s East End Drug Task Force, established to investigate drug use and trafficking in the five east end townships of Suffolk County.

Special Investigations Bureau

The Special Investigations Bureau has the primary task of investigating and prosecuting crimes committed by individuals associated with organized crime. By using undercover operations, the execution of eavesdropping warrants and the investigative authority of the grand jury, the bureau has been successful in obtaining convictions of individuals involved in the sales of illegal guns, gambling, prostitution, counterfeiting, money laundering and criminal usury.

  • Anti-Gang and Gun Unit
    The Anti-Gang Unit was established in response to the escalation of gang-related crime in Suffolk County. Responsibilities include identification of gang-related arrests, assisting local police departments in developing strategies to suppress gang activity, coordination with law enforcement agencies -- including Probation, Corrections, Parole, and Immigration Enforcement -- and in-service training to county law enforcement agencies in graffiti interpretation and documentation, interviewing witnesses of gang-related crimes, and surveillance techniques and practices

Vehicular Crime Bureau
Investigates and prosecutes vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, leaving the scene of an accident as a felony and Leandra’s Law cases, those in which a drug impaired or intoxicated driver has a passenger less than 17

Victim Services Unit

The Victim Services Unit has offices in Riverhead, Central Islip, and the east end. Referrals are received primarily from hospitals, funeral homes, doctors, community agencies, and police. The Victim Assistance Program provides services to crime victims, their families, and witnesses. Services include assistance with filing for compensation with the New York State Crime Victims Board, assistance with filing Orders of Protection, court and case information, victim advocacy with other private and public agencies, and post-conviction assistance.
In 2009, the Victim Services Unit open 1,300 new cases. Additionally, the staff had contact with over 3,100 primary victims and over 680 secondary victims. Secondary victims are persons other than the primary crime victim who receive services as a result of the crime, i.e. a spouse or partner, parents etc. Of the contacts staff had with victims, over 381 were child victims of physical and sexual abuse; approximately 1,496 were victims of domestic violence; over 550 were victims of assault; over 100 were family members of homicide victims. The remainder of cases were for such crimes as robbery, assault, DWI, elder abuse, adult victims of sexual abuse and other crimes. We provided to these victims over 1,330 instances of in person counseling; over 1,700 instances of follow up contact; 2,866 instances of Information & Referral; over 1,460 instances of criminal justice advocacy and support; 1,480 instances of emergency assistance, i.e. panic alarms and assistance in filing Orders of Protection; 1,470 instances of assisting people with filing for Crime Victims Compensation and providing information on this service; 637 instances of telephone crisis counseling; 1,100 instances of advocacy with other agencies.For more information, contact the Victim Assistance Program at 631-852-2555 in Riverhead, 631-853-4138 or 631-853-7861 in Central Islip, and 631-852-8800 on the east end.