It has been four years since I was first sworn into office to serve as your representative in Suffolk County’s Fifth District, a beautiful place with its own unique attributes and needs. Together we have risen to challenges and fought for what we believe is right. Together we have faced the fury of nature and started to ignite a languishing economy.  Together we have celebrated triumphs of human spirit and cheered on the smaller, daily victories that unite us all.  Together we have worked to set the course of Suffolk County right again.


We have been successful on many fronts, but there is still more work to be done. As the Legislature’s new Majority Leader in 2016, I look forward to using this new avenue to effect change and unite my colleagues on important matters. I am proud of what my fellow legislators and I have accomplished so far and remain excited by the opportunities in each day.


As always, however, you remain critical to my role, for it is you who keeps me here fighting for our future. The vision you and I share for our destiny is what motivates me as a public servant. The disappointments that come from the slow pace of change that seems to be built into governmental operations are far outweighed by the sense of hope that I get from our continued partnership toward making our community the best it can be. As always, please contact my office to share ideas or discuss issues of concern. I am here to help.


Best Wishes,

Kara Hahn's Signature

Suffolk County Legislator
Fifth District


Local Law 16-2014 established specific guidelines that better regulate pet dealers and pet stores operating in Suffolk County.  Click here to review Local Law 16-2014.

If you believe a pet dealer or pet shop is violating Local Law 16-2014, click here for details on how to file a complaint with Suffolk County's Department of Labor, Licensing and Consumer Affairs .

Listing of commonly abused prescription drugs.  Click here to see what you need to be on the look out for.  To receive a copy, please contact Legislator Hahn’s office at (631) 854-1650.

Operation Medicine Cabinet Image
Click for Information on Operation Medicine Cabinet

 -- Sponsored legislation to appoint Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory to the Suffolk County Landbank Corporation's Board of Directors (IR 1403-2016).

-- Introduced bills to appoint new members of the Food Policy Council of Suffolk County (Diane Shulman Rabin - IR 1394-2016, Ann S. Fangmann - IR 1328-2016 and Michael Martinsen - IR 1046-2016).

-- Drafted legislation to reappoint Stony Brook University Marine Sciences expert, R. Lawrence Swanson,  to the Council on Environmental Quality (IR 1313-2016).

These Scouts are Golden Suffolk County Legislator Kara Hahn recognized four golden Girl Scouts, Kiera Alventosa, Carly Antonucci, Kathryn Hopkins and Cecilia Orduña, who achieved the prestigious Gold Award during a ceremony on Thursday, April 21, 2016. Legislator Hahn said in part, “Today we honor four amazing young women, each with a sense of purpose and devotion to humanity that belies their young ages. Kiera, Carly, Kathryn and Cecilia, you each entered the world of scouting as young children and now rest upon its pinnacle ready to employ the lessons of leadership and service to build lives of integrity that will make this community proud for generations to come.”