It has been three years since I was first sworn into office to serve as your representative in Suffolk County Government, and in that time, together we have faced the fury of nature and the lasting effects of a languishing economy.  Together, we have celebrated triumphs of human spirit and cheered on the smaller, daily victories that unite us all.  Together we worked to set the course of Suffolk County right again, in deference and with respect to the service of all who helped make the Fifth Legislative District the beautiful and inspiring place that it is.


These months have been both challenging and rewarding, but always a blessing. The disappointments that come from the slow pace of change that seems to be built into governmental operations is far outweighed by the sense of hope that I get from meeting with you about a vision for our shared destiny. I am proud of what we have done so far and excited by the opportunities in each day.


It is because of you that I am here fighting for our future. I look forward to your continued partnership toward making our community the best it can be. As always, please contact my office to share ideas or discuss issues of concern. I am here to help.


Best Wishes,

Kara Hahn's Signature

Suffolk County Legislator
Fifth District


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-- Introduced the “The Toxin Free Toys Act” that will protect children from exposure to dangerous chemicals found in some popular toys (IR 1382-2015).

-- Drafted legislation that enhances enforcement of domestic violence orders of protection, issued by criminal (IR 1374-2015) and family (IR 1373-2015) courts, through a GPS monitoring pilot program.

-- Sponsored a bill to restore victim advocates in each of Suffolk County’s Police precincts that serve the Domestic Violence Outreach Precinct Project (1372-2015).

Hahn’s Toxin Free Toy Act Signed into Law To the applause of parents, environmentalists and health and safety advocates, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone today signed a bill intended to safeguard children by prohibiting the sale of new toys containing six toxins that pose a threat to childhood development. Under the law, all new toys sold in the County will need to be in compliance with stricter limits on Antimony, Arsenic, Cadmium, Cobalt, Lead and Mercury than current federal regulations.