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Long Island Medium Visits County Jail

Categories: | Author: sheriff sheriff | Posted: 4/2/2014 | Views: 6227
Sheriff DeMarco, Correction Officers and Female Inmates to Appear on Sunday's Episode

RIVERHEAD, NY-- Theresa Caputo received a warm welcome at the Riverhead Correctional Facility when she visited in February to film an episode of TLC’s hit TV show, “The Long Island Medium.” The episode will air this Sunday at 9:00 pm, and those watching will see another local familiar face: Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco. “We enjoyed having the show film at the correctional facility, and we were especially glad that Ms. Caputo devoted some attention to our female inmate population during her visit. She conveyed a very positive, supportive and uplifting message of hope, which many of these women need to hear,” stated Sheriff DeMarco.

The show, entitled, “Theresa Visits Jail,” will feature some of the jail’s Correction Officers and according to the show’s preview, Theresa will connect a female inmate to her family, “in one of the most touching and surprising readings to date.”

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