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Sheriff DeMarco Offers to Work with Legislature to Address Budget Shortfall

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RIVERHEAD, NY-- Rising concerns regarding the County’s budget prompted Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent F. DeMarco to reach out to the County’s Presiding Officer, Legislator DuWayne Gregory, this morning offering assistance from his Office to help mitigate the anticipated $15 million sales tax shortfall. 

Sheriff Vincent DeMarco Suffolk County Budget Shortfall Long Island New York NY

“Suffolk County is facing a large budget gap, and it’s very concerning at a time when people are struggling to make ends meet. The taxpayers simply cannot afford to take on additional debt. I’m eager to do our part to realize savings where we can find them, and cooperate fully to bring down the cost of government,” stated Sheriff DeMarco.

Sheriff DeMarco intends to meet with Legislator Gregory and the County Legislature’s Budget Review Office in the coming weeks, an offer that was met with gratitude by the Presiding Officer.

“Sheriff DeMarco is always a willing partner to come up with solutions to address the County’s fiscal challenges,” said Presiding Officer Gregory. “I look forward to our continued partnership.”

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