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Missing Shoreham Man Found in 14 Minutes Using Tracking Device

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A missing Shoreham man was located in 14 minutes by Sheriff’s Deputies using Project Lifesaver equipment.

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.  Caregivers and their loved ones with cognitive disorders can achieve greater peace of mind through the use of technology.

Pictured is a Deputy Sheriff tracking a Project Lifesaver client.

On Wednesday, November 4, 2015, at 0737 hours, Doris Duhigg notified the Sheriff’s Office that her husband, a registered Project Lifesaver client, had gone missing.  Deputies arrived at the Shoreham residence at 0759 hours.  Utilizing an omni antenna, the Deputies detected a signal from Mr. Duhigg’s personal locator device and were able to locate him in an adjoining neighborhood approximately one mile from his residence at 0813 hours, just 14 minutes after arriving at the Duhigg home.  Mr. Duhigg was reunited with his family.

The average national search time for a missing person is nine hours; the national average search time for a Project Lifesaver client is 30 minutes. Time saves lives.

Caregivers can contact the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, the Downstate NYS Coordinator, at (631) 852-3003 for more information and to enroll in Project Lifesaver.

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