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Drugs Not Tolerated at Suffolk County Correctional Facilities

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If you try to bring drugs to a Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office Correctional Facility, you won’t be going home. Have some as an inmate and you will be extending your stay.

Sheriff’s Office Investigators assigned to Internal Security and Criminal Investigations actively work on drug interdiction at our facilities. Year to date there have been 33 seizures of controlled substances including Heroin, Cocaine and prescription medications. These seizures have resulted in 23 criminal cases including ten for Felony Promoting Prison Contraband 1st Degree and 13 for Misdemeanor Promoting Prison Contraband 2nd Degree.

Visitors and inmates alike are subject to the diligent scrutiny of the Correction Officers charged with maintaining the safety and security of our facilities. This goal is achieved through systematic searches and intelligence gathering.

Sheriff Vincent F. DeMarco stated, “The safety of our staff and security of our population is of utmost importance. The efforts of our officers are to be commended.”

Pictured is an imate handcuffed with prison contraband on table

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