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Suffolk County Sheriff's Welcomes Its Newest Drug Recognition Expert

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The heroin epidemic has impacted many facets of our lives; few more dangerous than drugged driving.

On the front lines combating this crisis are Drug Recognition Experts (DRE's), police officers specially trained in identifying and prosecuting drug impaired drivers. These officers are invaluable and in high demand as there are only 248 active DRE’s in New York State.

Suffolk County Deputy Sheriff Sean Thompson is the Sheriff's Office newest Drug Recognition Expert. A graduation ceremony was held at the Hyatt Place Long Island on September 29, 2016 adding 21 DRE's from 14 law enforcement agencies throughout New York State. The rigorous DRE course, which consisted of 2 weeks of classroom studies and numerous exams, followed by 5 days of field certification training, was hosted by the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with The Governor's Traffic Safety Committee and the New York State Drug Recognition Program. These police officers are certified by the International Association of Chiefs of Police and will join in the fight against drugged driving throughout New York State.

The National President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Colleen Sheehey-Church, was also in attendance today to congratulate these officers and share her personal story of the impact impaired drivers have on victims and families.

Pictured is Deputy Sheriff Sean Thompson with Sheriff DeMarco and representatives from MADD

Pictured from left to right: Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco, Mothers Against Drunk Driving's National President Colleen Sheehey-Church, Deputy Sheriff Sean Thompson, and Richard Mallow-- MADD New York's Executive Director.

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