Graphic for Suffolk County Code Red Emergency Notifications - Go to Code Red Sign Up Page The Suffolk County Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Services has contracted with Emergency Communications Network to license it CodeRED high-speed notification system. Suffolk will use this system to contact Suffolk Residents in the event of an actual or impending emergency.   : Sign up to Receive Emergency Notifications from the Suffolk County Code Red Emergency Notification System.
The CodeRED emergency notification system is an extremely high speed telephone communication service that can deliver customized pre-recorded emergency messages directly to Suffolk County homes and business at the proven capacity of millions of calls per day. Code Red also has high speed email and text messaging capability

The CodeRED system incorporates a mapping tool that will allow Suffolk Emergency Managers to send notifications to specific geographic areas by selecting them on a map. In addition with CodeRED we will be able to send notifications to predefined geographic areas such as villages, townships or zip codes.

CodeRED has provided Suffolk County with a calling data base that includes the residences and businesses within the county. To further enhance accuracy Suffolk County has supplemented this database with the data from our 911 call system. In addition the Suffolk Code Red system allows Suffolk residents to register two phone numbers and one email address to receive notifications. We urge all individuals and businesses to log onto the secure Suffolk County Community Notification Enrolment to add or update their contact information to ensure that they will be included when a message is sent.  The data collected will only be used for emergency notification purposes.

Click the link below to Sign Up to Receive Emergency Notifications  from the Suffolk County Code Red Emergency Notificataion System: 

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Those without Internet access may call the Office of Emergency Management’s Customer Service Center (631-852-4900), Monday through Friday, (9AM-5PM) to supply their information over the phone.

Code Red’s capabilities: 
The CodeRED dialing infrastructure is capable of placing far more telephone calls into an area than the typical city’s telephone infrastructure can accommodate. CodeRED advertises the capacity to deliver millions of calls per day or 1,000 calls per minute as this throughput can be realized for 98% of CodeRED client communities

CodeRED cites the following examples to illustrate their capabilities :

Government agencies have relied on the system to make over 20 million emergency calls during recent hurricane seasons.
57 separate agencies used the system during Hurricane Wilma.
Over 7.5 million calls over a two week period were launched during Hurricanes Charley, Frances and Ivan.
The system has been used throughout the United States for hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, snowstorms and virtually every type of emergency situation.
Delivering messages to voicemail and answering machines
If a person does not answer the telephone, CodeRED will deliver the message in its entirety to voicemail and answering devices.
TTY/TDD Calling   
The CodeRED message can be delivered in text format to hearing impaired individual’s TTY/TDD equipment.   

Caller ID Last Number Call Back
Message recipients may dial the toll-free number displayed on their Caller ID to hear the last Code Red message delivered to that phone number.

System redundancy
The stability of the CodeRED infrastructure is built upon triple redundancy. The ECN family of companies owns, operates and maintains its own equipment and dialers, which are collocated with our long distance providers in multiple “hardened facilities” around the country. As a result, CodeRED operates independently of, and without regards to, any situation that may exist with the business facilities or structures.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many call attempts does the CodeRED dialing system make for each telephone number?
The CodeRED dialing system attempts each phone number up to 3 times in the first round of calling in order to maximize the number of delivered messages.

Are CodeRED messages only delivered to people who pick up the phone in person?
CodeRED delivers messages to a live person and to answering devices.

Can Suffolk County residents and businesses update their own emergency contact information in CodeRED?
Yes Code Red provides a real-time secure public web data entry site to allow Suffolk residents and business to update or add their emergency contact information. This emergency contact information may include VOIP, digital cable phone and cell phone information. The data collected will only be used for emergency notification

What Name and Number will display on my Caller ID when I receive a Suffolk Code Red Emergency Notification?
When you receive a Suffolk Code Red Emergency Notification your caller ID will show that the call is coming from 866-419-5000 and the caller is: Emergency Communications.

When you receive a Suffolk Code Red General Notification your caller ID will show that the call is coming from 855-969-4636 and the caller is: ECN Community. You will receive Code Red General Notifications unless you opted out from receiving them when you registered for Code Red. If you don't remember if you opted to receive general notifications or if you want to subscribe or unsubscribe from receiving General Notifications please re register for Code Red and your updated selections will be saved.  

Click the link below to Sign Up to Receive Emergency Notifications from the Suffolk County Code Red Emergency Notification System: 

Sign Up to Receive Suffolk Code Red Emergency Notifications

Questions should be directed to the Suffolk County Office of  Emergency Management, 631-852-4900  
Learn about the: Code Red Mobile Alert App.

To Learn more about Emergency Preparedness click here: to visit the Suffolk County Office of Emergency Management   
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