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The Suffolk County Department of Parks as part of its continuing effort to provide a variety of recreational opportunities will once again be offering a waterfowl hunting program. Suffolk County Parks has additional restrictions beyond the current regulations set forth by the U.S. Department of the Interior and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. All efforts have been made to offer our patrons a diversified outdoor experience. From the Carmen’s River in Southaven Park to the beach at Cedar Point Park on Gardiners Bay, a variety of hunting opportunities await sportsmen.


RESIDENTS Suffolk County Parks Green Key Card required (Valid for three years)

Resident Green Key Card (Age 18 & Older) - $30.00

Resident Senior/Junior/Handicapped/Veteran/Volunteer Fire/Aux. Pol./CERT - $15.00

Resident Disabled Veteran - FREE

NON-RESIDENTS are permitted subject to the availability after resident hunters have been accommodated, tourist rates apply.



Southaven County Park (631) 852-1391

Hubbard County Park (631) 852-8290 (Check-in at Sears-Bellows, morning draw only)

Montauk County Park (morning draw only) (631) 852-7878

Cedar Point County Park (morning draw only) (631) 852-7620


Southaven, Hubbard & Cedar Point: Open Saturday, December 1, 2018 to Sunday, January 27, 2019 on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays ONLY.

Montauk: Open Saturday, December 1, 2018 to Sunday, January 6, 2019 on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays ONLY. In addition, open January 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 & 27, 2019.


Each park will have a drawing for blinds. All persons wishing to be included in the morning draw must register at the Check Station twenty (20) minutes before sunrise. Drawings will be fifteen (15) minutes before sunrise. Morning draw participants at Southaven must return to the check station and be checked out by 11:30 AM. All persons wishing to be included in the afternoon draw at Southaven must register by 11:40 AM and the drawing will be at 11:45 AM. Participants at Hubbard, Cedar Point and Montauk must stop hunting at 3:00 PM and return to park office for check-out (there is no separate afternoon drawing at these parks).

All parties must be present at time of drawing. Parties of two or three who wish to hunt together are permitted one draw slip for each member of the party, however, all names must appear on each draw slip, and if drawn, the group must hunt together. Parties not accepting blind assigned by draw will forfeit their chances for a blind in that drawing. If needed, there will be subsequent drawings for vacated blinds during the day.


If needed, waterfowlers will be issued a bag of Parks Department decoys, which must be returned in good condition when checking out. Personal decoys may be used, however, there may never be more than 12 decoys displayed in a spread at one time.


While dogs are permitted for waterfowl hunting (retrieval purposes) they must be leashed at all times except when in the process of retrieving game. Owners must have license and proof of inoculations with them and must show them upon request.


Residents $13.00 Per Person Per Session

(Green Key Required): $ 7.00 Senior/Junior/Handicapped/Veteran/Vol. Fire/ Aux. Police/CERT (Wed. Only)

FREE – Service Connected Disabled Veterans - (with Green Key- Service Connected)

Non-Residents: $28.00 per person for daily hunting permit (subject to availability – after Residents are accommodated)

BAG LIMIT (per person, three (3) per day):

Ducks: 3 Birds, cannot include more than:

  • 2 Black Ducks
  • 2 Canvasback
  • 2 Hen Mallards
  • 2 Wood Ducks
  • 2 Redheads
  • 2 Hooded Merganser
  • 2 Pintail

Geese: The limit for Canada Geese is 3 per day at Southaven and 2 per day at Hubbard, Cedar Point and Montauk. This is in addition to the Parks 3 duck limit. NOTE: White-Fronted Geese may be taken as part of the daily limit of Canada Geese.

SHELL LIMIT: 12 shells per person, per session/outing



Cedar Point County Park (631) 852-7620


Open Saturday, December 1, 2018 to Sunday January 27, 2019, five days per week, Wednesday through Sunday.


Drawing at check station one-half hour before sunrise; there is no afternoon drawing. All hunting ends at 12:00 noon. Vacated blinds may be reassigned during the morning.

DECOYS: None provided.


Residents (Green Key Required): $13.00 Per Person Per Day

$ 7.00 Senior/Junior/Handicapped/Veteran/Vol. Fire/ Aux. Police/CERT (Weekdays Only)

FREE – Service Connected Disabled Veterans (with Green Key- Service Connected)

Non-Residents: $28.00 per person for daily hunting permit (subject to availability – after Residents are accommodated)

BAG LIMIT (per person):

Sea Ducks: 6 per day (scoters, eiders, and oldsquaw) Federal regulations apply: No more than 4 scoters, 4 eiders, or 4 oldsquaws may be included with daily bag.



At Smith Point & Cupsogue County Parks waterfowl hunting is permitted for the entire Federal/State season to those possessing a valid Green Key Card, no other fees are charged. No blinds or decoys are provided, however, temporary blinds may be used but must be removed at the end of the day’s hunt. Park all vehicles and access hunting areas as directed by park personnel. All State and Federal Laws apply, as well as additional rules and regulations established by the Suffolk County Department of Parks. Hunters may be requested to sign in and out at check stations. For further information contact the Administration Office at (631) 854-4949.

NOTE: Vehicle access at Smith Point may be limited or closed completely due to beach conditions.

Call Smith Point at 852-1315 for regular updates.


  1. Unless otherwise stated, all Federal and State seasons, hunting regulations and limits will apply.
  2. Any person violating any Federal, State or County Park game laws or rules and regulations may be subject to arrest. In addition, park and hunting privileges may be withdrawn and your Green Key may be suspended or revoked.
  3. Any person deemed unfit by park personnel to handle a shotgun or who endangers his own safety or the safety of others will be banned from carrying a gun and hunting on park property. General park privileges may be withdrawn and Green Key suspended or revoked.
  4. Persons must occupy assigned blind within 15 minutes after draw; if not, blind will be deemed unoccupied and reassigned.
  5. If a duck blind is left unattended for more than 10 minutes it will be reassigned.
  6. All firearms will be carried unloaded going to and from the assigned blinds.
  7. All hunting is by shotgun only. No shot larger than BB's permitted. Steel shot is required for all waterfowl hunting. #4 or #2's recommended.
  8. Shooting will commence at sunrise and only when decoys are rigged and parties are in blind. All hunting must cease ½ hour before sunset (as posted).
  9. No walking or wading of streams, wetland areas or tidal marshes permitted (except to retrieve game).
  10. No jump shooting, hunting must be done from assigned blinds only (except primitive).
  11. No hunting or shooting of upland game or big game by waterfowl hunters. The following MAY NOT be taken or shot at: Hawks, owls, foxes, raccoons, wild turkey, cats, dogs, or any songbirds or other wildlife.
  12. Only persons hunting and/or park personnel will be permitted at blinds during hunting hours.
  13. Hunters must make every effort to retrieve downed game.
  14. Hunters may bring their own trained dog for retrieving downed game.
  15. Target shooting is prohibited.
  16. All hunters must check out when limits are taken or shell limit used. Person(s) taking such limit(s) must leave area/blind promptly. Hunters are to return to the park office to check out. All game taken will be checked at that time.
  17. Hip boots or waders are necessary.


Under a cooperative agreement with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, thousands of additional acres of Parklands are open for hunting, some of which offer waterfowling. For additional information, contact NYS DEC at (631) 444-0310.

NOTE: Suffolk County Parks reserves the right to alter the schedule or close areas due to unforeseen circumstances including severe weather conditions or emergencies. Please check with the park of your choice for updates.

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