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Suffolk County Executive Bellone Announces Launch of New County Website

Video Demonstration of the Website is Available Here


Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone today unveiled the new Suffolk County government website that includes brand new features following an extensive six month redesign process. The completely revamped, which is now live, provides users a seamless transition from desktop to mobile browsing, easier navigation, and an optimized search engine function that can immediately connect users to desired content and essential information.


“This is another step forward in reforming government and providing greater accessibility to the public,” said Suffolk County Executive Bellone. “These improvements make our website more functional and serve as the one-stop shop for any questions or concerns involving our various County departments, agencies, and offices.”


To ensure the newly redesigned website would meet the needs of residents, the County formed a diverse working group comprised of 20 civic organizations and chambers of commerce spanning all ten towns. The group was asked to evaluate the website based on design and visual appearance, usability and ease of navigation, and finally on areas they found that could be improved. The feedback provided by the organizations was incorporated into the final version of the website. Additionally, the website includes a feedback option for the public to provide the County with opportunities for improvements to the website.


The effort to redesign and reimagine the County website focused on improving accessibility, easing of use and improving overall performance. With the support of the Suffolk County Department of Information Technology, the redesigned website is based upon previously established award winning government design concepts, while also maintaining the websites ADA compliance to accommodate visually impaired users, create content suitable for screen-readers, use descriptive links, and make website actions easily accessible via a keyboard.


The major improvements to the website include:


  • A more robust search tool and engine on the home page that provides a user’s desired content as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • The reorganization of content based upon relevant content categories, as opposed to departmental views.
  • A “Payment” section that provides one location for users to access all electronic payment options across the multiple departments.
  • A “Register” section that provide one location for all of the programs a user can electronically register for.
  • An “Employment” section that provides on location for all employment related content.
  • A “Forms and Reports” section that provides one location to access forms and reports for all departments.
  • A “Frequently Asked Question” (FAQ) section that provides one location to access FAQs for all departments.
  • A “Services” section that breaks out content for citizens, businesses and online services.
  • A “Business” section that breaks out content for Doing Business with the County, Starting a Business and General Business Resources.
  • A “Visitor” section that breaks out Discover Long Island, County Parks, Film, Arts & Culture and Sports and Recreation content.
  • A mobile responsible site that can be viewed on any type of mobile device from a smart phone to a tablet, offering a seamless transition from desktop viewing to mobile viewing. 
  • Improved integration with social media for County news and County events.
  • Improved technology to integrate County events with your personal calendars.


In 2018, had nearly 7 million unique page views from approximately 1.5 million users. The website comprises over 3,000 page of content across over 30 departments, offices and agencies. Prior to this launch, the County’s website was last updated in 2012.


Beth Wahl, President, Mastics-Shirley Chamber of Commerce said: “I found the website easy to navigate, the information was easy to find, and overall I think that this was a positive update.”


Janet Lombardo, 1st Vice President, Copiague Chamber of Commerce said: “I love that the website is so responsive. The new look creates a pleasant user experience. I can now find what I want with ease. Great job!”



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