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Active Web Group - Digital Marketing Workshops -A 4 Part Series

Active Web Group - Digital Marketing Workshops - A 4 Part Series

Active Web Group will take you on a digital marketing journey-the process of establishing a strong digital marketing strategy and presence.

About this event

This four-part series covers:

March 9 - How to get seen Digitally – Improving your Website Reach & Results
Have a website but aren't getting enough visitors and customers? Learn the best practices to build traffic to your website and turn visitors into sales with Frank Corrao of Active Web Group. This session includes reviewing key elements that should be included in all websites and a discussion on best ways to focus on the conversion’s aspects of your website.

March 16 - What is Pay Per Click Advertising & How do I know what to spend on Ads?
Interested in running digital ads but don’t know where to start? Frank Corrao of Active Web Group will show you the ins and outs of Pay Per Click Advertising, learn how and when to scale and how much money to spend on ads. This session breaks down Google Paid Ads – from budgeting and execution of ads on the platform.

March 23 - Making Sense of Google Analytics – how do I know what is working and what is not?
Are you getting site visitors but not sure what marketing initiatives are working? Frank Corrao of Active Web Group will explain proper tracking and review all the key data points. This session review Google Analytics – with information on new GA4 tracking.

March 30 - Nurturing leads & surviving long sales cycles
Does it take a long time for you to close a sale? Frank Corrao of Active Web Group will guide you through the digital nurture marketing process and show you how to convert a long hanging lead into a sale, utilizing the most updated digital marketing principals. This session reviews the marketing and sales process including nurture and drip campaigns to keep prospects engaged with your company and to assist with closing more deals.

You can attend all 4 webinars, or pick and choose the webinar you wish to attend.

Presenter: Frank Corrao, Active Web Group
Scott Forde, President, Active Web Group

30 Oser Ave., Suite 500
Hauppauge, NY 11788
(631) 846-2090

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