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Health Advisory Issued for Long Island Sound near Greenport


The Suffolk County Department of Health Services today issued an advisory to take precautions before recreating in the Long Island Sound near the Greenport wastewater treatment facility located off of Inlet Pond County Park in Greenport.  This advisory follows the NY-Alert notification of a discharge laden with activated sludge particles at the location following heavy rainfall yesterday. Activated sludge could potentially contain pathogenic organisms.

Corrective actions to mitigate the discharge have been implemented.  However, the wastewater treatment facility is currently not working under normal conditions and only partially treated effluent is being discharged.  

Suffolk County Health officials are working closely with the NYSDEC, which has jurisdiction over the permitting and enforcement at the facility, and with the management at the Greenport Village plant.

Residents and fisherman* are advised to avoid contact with waters from this portion of the Long Island Sound until conditions at the Greenport wastewater treatment facility improve.  Keep children and pets away from the area, as well. If contact does occur, rinse off with clean water immediately.  Seek medical attention if after exposure you experience nausea, vomiting or diarrhea; skin, eye or throat irritation, or allergic reactions or breathing difficulties.

* The harvest of shellfish in this area is prohibited at all times by NYSDEC.

More information is forthcoming as health officials learn more about the situation.

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