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Special thanks to the Long Island Orienteering Club for the trail map provided below. Interested in Long Island Orienteering Club contact them here at https://www.liorienteering.com/home

Park Details

Picturesque, well-groomed nature trails, including the historic Walt Whitman Trail to Jayne's Hill (Long Island's highest peak, at an elevation of 400 feet), wind through this highly popular, mixed-deciduous forested park. West Hills flora and fauna include wild Mountain Laurel, Moccasin Flower, several fern species, salamanders, turtles, chipmunk, squirrel and red fox. Camping at West Hills is offered to organized youth groups only. Campsites, lean-tos, and primitive shelters are available year-round. Reservations are required.


For camping, take LIE exit 48 north to High Hold Drive; entrance is on the right.

For stables and picnics, use exit 49 north to Route 110 north. From Route 110 north, turn left onto Old Country Road. Turn right onto Sweet Hollow road.

For hiking, take Sweet Hollow Road and turn right into north entrance.

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