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Communications Bureau

The Suffolk County Fire Rescue Communications Center is an enhanced 911 facility. The dispatchers must be New York State certified Emergency Medical Technicians to be hired and maintain national certification as Emergency Medical and Fire Dispatchers. These same Emergency Services Dispatchers are utilized to staff the mobile command post.

In total, Suffolk County is served by 109 volunteer fire departments and 27 volunteer ambulance corps, which answered 282,132 emergency calls in 2013. Of these calls, 30,001 were fire or related emergencies and 124,418 were emergency medical incidents. The county fire rescue dispatch center has been operating from its present location since January 6, 1998.

HOW TO REPORT AN EMERGENCY: For fire, police and medical emergencies, please dial 911. If you believe that you have been exposed to a biological, chemical or radiological agent, or if you believe an intentional threat will occur or is occurring, please contact local emergency responders by calling 911.

Dial "911" only for life-threatening emergencies. Do not dial "911" for information.
Dial "852-COPS" - For non-Emergency Police calls in Suffolk County.
Please do not call a 911 or other emergency telephone line unless you need assistance with an immediate physical or medical emergency. For a list of 24-hour emergency contact telephone numbers for each of the 10 towns in Suffolk County, please click here for 24-hour emergency contact phone numbers by town.

Forms for Emergency Service Providers:
Alpha Paging Form
Fire Station Printing Form Station Printing Form

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MEDCOM County Wide Communication In-service

MEDCOM County Wide Communication In-service. Click here to view the MEDCOM County Wide Communications In-Service video