Computer Cop


SHERIFF DEMARCO'S INTERNET SAFETY INITIATIVE, Computer CopThe Suffolk County Sheriff's Office offers internet monitoring software that enables parents to protect their children against online sexual predators and cyber bullies.  The Computer Cop program captures full text from online chat rooms, emails and instant messages. The software can also check your computer for sexually explicit words, inappropriate pictures, and language promoting drug use. Even if a child tries to delete these items, Computer Cop is there to make sure you still see the information that was erased through its advanced, yet simple to use, technology.

Computer Cop software were purchased by the Sheriff’s Office at no cost to taxpayers and is distributed to parents and guardians in Suffolk County. The software was purchased with funds seized from drug dealers and money launderers.

Sheriff DeMarco says, “Parents are the first line of defense in the war against online sexual predators and cyber bullies. This program gives parents the tools they need to keep their children safe.”

Sheriff DeMarco urges all parents to contact his office to get their free copy of the Computer Cop Software program.  Call (631) 852-4028 for more information.