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April 3rd, 2008

Suffolk Sheriff’s Most Wanted Arrested


Mario DePaola, d.o.b. 1/5/60, was arrested on Friday, March 28, 2008, following a cooperative effort between the SuffolkCounty Sheriff’s Office and the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.  Mr. DePaola has been posted on the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office Dead Beat Parent Most Wanted List, owing over $51,000 in support payments.


Mario DePaola has been wanted since the issuance of a Family Court warrant in March of 2007.  A tip received after he was posted on the Most Wanted website helped investigators track DePaola to Florida.


Sheriff’s Office Investigators contacted the District Attorney’s Office, who have been interested in prosecuting deadbeats on tax charges, to secure a warrant for violation of the New YorkState Tax Law.  This allowed DePaola to be extradited to New York from Florida; Family Court warrants alone do not allow for extradition.  He self-surrendered following a raid on his residence by Florida authorities.  DePaola remains in the Suffolk County Correctional Facility, being held on a total of $61,592 bail. 


Sheriff Vincent F. DeMarco stated, “It is a priority for me to ensure that parents live up to court ordered obligations to their children. I look forward to a continued partnership with District Attorney Thomas Spota in criminally charging those who unlawfully fail to report their income in an effort to avoid paying child support.”


It should be noted that Mr. DePaola’s wife Kelley has been forced to move out of state into a single room with her two children as a result of her husband’s lack of support.

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