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Sheriff's Office Teams Up with Local, National and International Law Enforcement to Take Down Major Drug Ring

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Pictured is the head of the Drug Trafficking Organization as he is escorted into a Suffolk Sheriff's Patrol Vehicle on the tarmac of Long Island MacArthur Airport

A multi-agency DEA Task Force, including Deputy Sheriff Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office, joined forces with the Panamanian National Police/INTERPOL and Panama City Country Office to take down a large-scale Columbian Drug Organization that has trafficked hundreds of kilograms of cocaine and heroin to the United States, Europe and Central America for distribution this past year. 

To date, this 36 month investigation, dubbed “Operation Fantastic Four” has resulted in the arrest of 18 individuals and the seizure of 50 kilograms of cocaine, 12 kilograms of heroin, $224,691 in United States currency and vehicles valued at $48,725 dollars.  A major breakthrough of the ongoing investigation occurred on November 4th, when the head of the Drug Trafficking Organization was arrested in Panama on a warrant issued in the Eastern District of New York.

“Each day, smugglers traffic hundreds of millions of dollars of narcotics into the United States, and the Colombian drug cartels are notorious for marketing heroin and other lethal drugs through criminal gangs in the New York area.  The investigative work of Suffolk County’s Deputy Sheriffs have garnered the respect of law enforcement partners across the United States and throughout the world, and Operation Fantastic Four is a testament to their ongoing success in infiltrating and taking down large-scale drug tracking operations associated with local gangs and drug dealers,”  said Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco.

Pictured are some of the drugs seized by undercover agents in Colombia.

Pictured are the members of the drug trafficking organization

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