The Academy Bureau

The Academy Bureau is an integral part of the Sheriff’s Office with the responsibility for developing and implementing all aspects of training.  The primary goal of the Academy Bureau is to establish training programs to meet the ever changing demands of today’s law enforcement.  It is important to note that this bureau also serves the entire law enforcement community of Suffolk County by offering various facets of training to associated agencies.  Ongoing programs such as recruit training and peace officer training are perpetually researched and updated to meet our current needs as a result of changes in the law, procedures and new responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Office.  In-service programs are researched, developed and implemented to address new techniques or perceived problem areas in order to professionalize the Sheriff’s Office and increase productivity.

he Academy Bureau performs in-service training for Correction Officer personnel including:  BLS – CPR/First Aid/AED, Defensive Tactics/HEPA/OSHA, ASP Recertification, OC Recertification, and Fingerprint Identification Training.  In-service training for Deputy Sheriff personnel includes: EVOC Recertification, Intoxilyzer 5000 Recertification, Taser Initial Training, Taser Recertification, and EMT Recertification. 

Correction Officer recruits perform Defensive Tactics Training at the Sheriff's Academy