Enforcement Bureau


Civil Enforcement Section

The Civil Enforcement Section of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office is the enforcement arm of the civil courts.  Its authority lies in the New York State Constitution, the Civil Practice Law and Rules, and the Real Property Law of the State of New York.  The civil actions that are processed by this bureau include:  property executions (for real and personal property), income executions, warrants to remove, any service of process, warrants of arrest, orders of seizure, orders of attachment, service of D.W.I. forfeiture summonses for the County Attorney, closure orders for Health Services and all other orders issued from any civil court.  In addition to civil enforcement, the Deputies assigned to this section also enforce Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law and Vehicle & Traffic Law.  This section’s law enforcement encompasses all of the ten townships that comprise Suffolk County.

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Highway Enforcement Section

The Highway Enforcement Section was formed in September 2008.  This section promotes highway safety through the enforcement of vehicle and traffic law and by patrolling the Long Island Expressway and Sunrise Highway.  This section responds to all emergency calls on the aforementioned highways.  The Highway Enforcement Section provides services vital to public safety including emergency services, traffic control, accident investigation and assistance to other state and local agencies.  Members are trained in truck safety inspections, drug recognition evaluations, administration of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) tests and enforcement of DWI laws. This section is responsible for the secure storage and maintenance of all Enforcement Bureau records and reports.  All accident reports are reviewed and submitted to the New York State.