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Retirement Information

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Are you thinking about retiring soon? Already retired?

Retirement is a major step in the progression of our lives!  Most of us look forward to our retirement with happy anticipation of sleeping in mornings, no more deadlines or rush hour commutes and more time to spend doing hobbies, traveling with loved ones or quality time with the family!

Although “Retired Life” may be paced a bit differently, how we approach it, prepare for it, think about it, and settle into retired life will have a significant effect on our physical and mental well being going forward.

Here are a few helpful tips, links, and suggestions to help you make the choices necessary for your retired life a healthy, fulfilling and rewarding journey!

Helpful Tips

  • Plan for your financial changes early. Social Security will probably not cover all of your expenses when retired.
  • Check your health status before you retire from your job. Medicare may cover only some of the services and procedures your health care providers may wish to perform to assure a healthy transition to retirement.
  • Make needed repairs to your home early while you are still able to do things easily by yourself or with expert help.
  • Remain physically active! Keep to a scheduled exercise plan every day!
  • Use It Before You Lose It!! Make sure you are actively involved with tasks and jobs that challenge you mentally and physically! Recent studies have shown that those who delay retirement, remain physically and mentally active and involved are less likely to develop dementia.
  • Consider volunteering, mentoring, part-time work, etc. to keep you vibrant and in control of your life!


Medicare Scams


Social Security

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Long Island
Volunteer Center

Association on
Aging in
New York

Long Island Council of Churches

Local Volunteer Opportunities Local libraries, hospitals, Pet Shelters, food pantries, senior centers, Local tutoring programs

More Links


Volunteer / New Career:

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Riverhead, NY 11901