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Covid-19 Therapeutics

Test soon and treat early to improve outcomes from COVID-19.

Suffolk County Department of Health Services is committed to helping our most vulnerable residents obtain life-saving COVID-19 anti-viral medications. Non-hospitalized patients experiencing mild-moderate symptoms of COVID-19 who are at high risk for progression to severe disease should be offered treatment for COVID-19 using a preferred or alternative therapy as per the NIH treatment algorithm.

COVID-19 antiviral medications should be started within 5 days (oral anti-viral medications) or 7 days (IV anti-viral therapies) of symptom onset. Choosing the best treatment option will depend on medication availability, feasibility, efficacy against current circulating variants, and patient-specific factors including age, drug-drug interactions, and comorbid conditions.

The COVID-19 therapeutics locator tool will direct you to local pharmacies that keep these medications in stock. Dosing guidelines and treatment considerations are available on the NIH website and can also be found on the medication-specific fact sheets. See below for links:

Paxlovid™ Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers

Paxlovid™ Patient Eligibility Screening Checklist Tool

Liverpool COVID-19 Drug Interactions Website

Remdesivir Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers

Bebtelovimab Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers

Molnupiravir Fact Sheet For Healthcare Providers

Pharmacy-to-Practice: COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance & Ordering for Healthcare Professionals

A guide to request, store, and administer COVID-19 vaccines

It is Suffolk County’s goal to distribute COVID-19 vaccines equitably throughout our county. For us to achieve widespread COVID-19 vaccine uptake, it is critical not only to ensure widespread access to vaccines, but also to increase confidence in and demand for the vaccine among vaccine-hesitant persons. Survey data show that people are more likely to get the vaccine if it is recommended or offered by a medical professional they trust. Increasing the availability of COVID-19 vaccines to trusted community healthcare professionals is, therefore, a top priority for the County and the Department of Health Services (SCDHS).

As such, SCDHS has developed this guidance page for county providers to enroll into the New York State COVID-19 Vaccine Program and begin administering doses in their communities.

Please review the guidance document to understand the requirements of the program, before clicking below to request vaccine(s).

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