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 What is the Living Wage law?

The Living Wage law is a Suffolk County local law (LL #12-2001) enacted in July of 2001. The purpose of the law is to provide workers of employers receiving County compensation in the form of grants, loans, tax remedies or contracts with an hourly wage sufficient for a family of four to live at or above the poverty level.

 When does it take effect?

This law covers compensation awarded, or contracts & other agreements for service entered into, renewed or amended on or after July 1, 2002.

 What salary does it require?

It mandates that an employer, as described below, pay an employee covered by this law a minimum of $16.63 per hour with health benefits of at least $1.25 per hour, or $16.77 per hour without health benefits.

 Are there other requirements?

The law also mandates that covered workers receive at least 12 compensated days off per year through any combination of sick, vacation or personal leave at the employees request. Paid holidays consistent with established employer policies may be counted towards the required days off. Compensated days off are not required for employees working less than 20 hours per week.

 What contracts and agreements are covered?

Any grant of $50,000 or more in one calendar year is covered.

In addition, any service contract or subcontract with the County for the furnishing of services to or for the County is also covered. This applies to one or more contracts totaling at least $10,000 annually.

 What contracts are not covered?

Contracts for the purchase or lease of goods, products, equipment, supplies or other property is not considered compensation under this law, and these employers are not covered by Living Wage requirements. In addition, contracts where services are incidental to the delivery of products, equipment or commodities are not covered.

 What employers are covered?

Any employer with at least 10 employees receiving compensation or holding a contract or agreement for services, as defined in the Law, is covered by the Living Wage law.

 Which employees are covered?

Any employee – whether full-time, part-time or temporary – of a covered employer performing work on or for the project for which the employer has received compensation.

 Is anyone else covered?

Any tenant or leaseholder of a recipient that employs at least 10 persons and occupies a property or uses equipment or property that is improved or developed as a result of County compensation.

Employees of any contractor or subcontractor of a beneficiary that employs at least 10 employees in producing goods or services to a recipient that are used in the project for which they have received County compensation are covered by the Living Wage law.

 Where can I obtain more information?

The Suffolk County Department of Labor, Licensing & Consumer Affairs administers the Living Wage law, and may be contacted at (631) 853-3808.

Employers with contracts for services with the County should contact their representative at that agency or department. Employers receiving County compensation should likewise contact the agency distributing the award.

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