Camping in Suffolk County

Suffolk County offers several types of camping: Tent, Pop-Up, Trailer and Motorhome, Outer Beach Camping, Group Club Camping and Youth Group Camping. Blydenburgh, Cathedral Pines, Southaven, Indian Island, Sears Bellows and Cedar Point campgrounds offer trailer, tent, and club camping areas. Smith Point has our largest number of electric sites and full-hookup sites in Suffolk County. Our flagship parks Cupsogue, Montauk , Shinnecock East, and Smith Point all have Outer Beach camping for self-contained camping vehicles.

Smith Point, Cupsogue, Shinnecock East, Montauk Parks are our Flagship Parks. These are our largest, most popular parks with the most amenities to offer visitors such as beach front views, hiking trails, swimming and much more. Blydenburgh, Cathedral Pines, Indian Island, Sears Bellows, Southaven, and West Hills are also wonderful parks and offer camping, youth group camping, group picnics, hiking and scenic woodland views. The Suffolk County Parks camping season generally runs from April through Veterans Day in November, although a few parks entertain visitors year round. Each campground is unique and offers a variety of outdoor activities.

Blydenburgh, Cedar Point, Cupsogue, Meschutt, Montauk, Sears Bellows, Shinnecock and Southaven are open until Veterans Day. Southaven until Columbus Day and Smith Point until October 31st. We offer winter camping, when possible, for self-contained campers at Indian Island and Cathedral Pines.

All of our campgrounds are setup differently with various campsite types. Each park offers different recreation amenities based on the park location and type of park. Below please find the campsite matrix for family camping campsites:

Suffolk County Park - Family Campsites

Campground Basic Electric Outer Beach Full Hookup Total Sites
Blydenburgh 35 35
Cathedral Pines County Park 142 10 152
Cedar Point County Park 222 222
Cupsogue Beach County Park 35 35
Indian Island County Park 100 37 137
Montauk County Park 80 80
Sears Bellows County Park 70 70
Shinnecock East County Park 103 103
Smith Point County Park 39 105 21 79 244
Southaven County Park 53 51 104
TOTAL 661 203 239 79 1,182

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