Caring for Suffolk County’s over 63,000 acres of parkland is a formidable task, but by unanimous legislative approval, a Parks Stewardship pilot program has begun to help with the endeavor. Ten unstaffed County parks, will enlist the assistance of individual volunteers and groups to assist with trash pickup, trail maintenance and monitoring of its selected park. Work will be coordinated and overseen by the County’s Parks Department. "Park Stewards" will be required to submit reports on the grounds condition and any activities or issues they may discover insuring the protection and improvements of these treasured public assets.

The Park Stewardship Program will engage community members in the conservation of parklands throughout Suffolk County. By becoming a steward of Suffolk County Parks’ green spaces, you will help ensure that our county’s natural resources are cared for and kept safe for future generations.

Interested? Please fill out the application below and send it to:

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