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The Daniel D.White Fund

In 1939, Daniel D. White, a local Sayville resident, made provisions in his will for a fifty thousand dollar fund of money to assist the poor and needy in Sayville, West Sayville and Bayport. Under the terms of the will, a perpetual corporation with three trustees was established for the investment of the fund. The proceeds from the income made from the Foundation’s investments were to be used expressly for the purpose of providing care, support, maintenance and welfare to the poor and needy in the designated communities.

The fund was maintained for many years by the law firm of Greene, Murray and Dagher the designated trustees of the fund. But, in 1977, as the lawyers administering the fund began to retire, the Department of Social Services was asked to administer the proceeds of the fund.

Assistance from the Daniel D. White fund may be given to any individual residing in the communities specified who, upon professional evaluation by Department of Social Services Committee, are considered the poor and needy of the community. These individuals require help in some aspect of their social-economic living condition. This help will enable these individuals to cope more effectively with problems or eliminate problems affecting his/her social judgment in some way.

Legitimate needs may be met on an emergency or one time basis. They may also be used for a specified ongoing period of time if such needs would cause undo hardships or would threaten the health, life or safety of an individual or to his/her family if not adequately met.

Income from all sources are evaluated to determine financial eligibility. If the applicant’s need exceeds the available income, and if the need cannot be met through any Public Assistance program, he/she can be considered financially eligible for assistance under the terms of the Foundation guidelines. To determine if a deficit exists, income such as pay from employment, stocks, bonds, savings, saving certificates, public assistance grant, pensions, and capital investment proceeds shall be evaluated.

Anyone interested in applying for assistance from the fund should contact the Department of Social Services by phone at 854-9938.

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