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Conservation Planning

Agricultural Value Assessment

Preparation of the Soil Group Worksheet (APD-1) for landowners participating in the Agricultural District program to reduce taxes on agricultural lands.

Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) Plans

An AEM Plan is a report documenting the good stewardship practices of a farmer’s operation and adds suggestions to correct or improve any existing problems with USDA Standards of Best Management Practices to obtain the optimum potential for the crop, yet protect and conserve soil, water and related resources. All decisions are made by the landowner/operator. This was formerly known as a NYS Conservation Plan.

USDA Conservation Programs

Our Department works with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to assist Farmers with programs such as the Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) Program, the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP), the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), the Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP), and others.

Ponds and Wildlife Watering Facilities

Consulting on technical aspects concerning design, construction and management.

Watershed Management

Plans are developed to help address existing and potential problems related to soils, topography, land use, land cover, and stormwater runoff.

Wetland Restoration Program

Landowner could be paid for providing an easement to land that restores wetland functions and values. Restoration costs may be shared or paid in full by the Natural Resources Conservation Services. Hunting, fishing, quiet enjoyment, firewood, timber harvest, and other uses may be allowed. Sign up at the Riverhead Field Office - three contract options; permanent easement, 30 year easement and restoration agreement. Wetlands Reserve Program.

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