Payment Options

Pay Your Prior Year Taxes on Our Tax Portal NEW!

Suffolk County Comptroller is pleased to announce the acceptance of all major credit cards – VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, as well as e-checks – for the payment ofoutstanding property taxes.

“With State regulations regarding the acceptance of major credit cards in government offices, we are pleased to be able to offer our property owners another alternative in meeting their outstanding tax liabilities,”. Those property owners wishing to use a credit card will be charged a convenience fee, or service charge, which is paid directly to the credit card company.

The Comptroller also stressed that property owners should make every attempt to make payment, whether in full or partial, to the Towns’ Receiver of Taxes prior to May 31st. “The Receivers of Taxes in the ten towns of Suffolk have legal authorization to accept partial payments of $200 or more prior to the end of their collection on May 31st. We urge property owners, if they are not able to make full payment, to pay whatever they can to reduce their outstanding tax at their local town Receiver of Taxes before the collection responsibility is turned over to the County Comptroller,”. Once the tax is delinquent on June 1st, the County Comptroller, by law, must collect a penalty of 5% of the outstanding tax plus interest of 1% per month calculated from February 1st .” The County Comptroller is also authorized to accept partial payments of a minimum of $200 towards any outstanding property tax.

For additional information, please contact the Suffolk County Comptroller’s Office at 631-852-3000 or go to our website at