Small Business Installment Program


Owners of small business property may be eligible to pay delinquent real property taxes through an installment agreement if they meet certain conditions:

1) Must be the owner of the small business property and occupy the premises for a small business

2) Have delinquent taxes on the property and the lien redemption period is about to expire

3) Does not own additional property where a tax lien has been sold within
three years of the date of the lien applicable to eligible delinquent taxes

4) Does not have a current Small Business Installment Program currently in effect on another property or a previous agreement

Additional requirements may exist; therefore, it is necessary to speak with a staff member regarding your eligibility prior to submitting an application. The program will address the tax year in which the property may be lost by tax deed as well as the following year. The business owner must apply to the County Comptroller by October 1st. The County Attorney will then review all applications and determine whether all eligibility requirements have been met.

If approved, applicant must pay 25% down payment of the taxes, interest, and penalties owed for the years installment program is based. An additional 26% interest is added to the balance. Payments must be made quarterly not exceeding twenty-four months in duration. In addition, taxes levied for years not included in the installment program, must be kept current at all times during the term of the installment agreement.

If you believe you may be eligible and are interested in pursuing this program, please contact our Small Business Installment Unit at 631-852-1501.

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