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Theresa Ward
Deputy County Executive and Commissioner, Economic Development and Planning

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Finding the Right Home

Where do you want to live? Do you prefer an old house or a new house? How many bedrooms will you need for your family? Do you want to live in a downtown area or a more rural area? Do you want a detached single family house, an attached townhouse, condominium or cooperative? There are many options to be considered in making this decision.

In Suffolk County, most families live in single family houses, in which you own both the house and the land.

Condominiums offer a different version of ownership in which each housing unit is individually owned and all residents collectively own the common areas of the building. Click here for a list of condominiums in Suffolk County.

Cooperatives are similar to a condominium in that there are multiple individual units within one building or complex. However, it differs legally because the owners of the co-ops own shares in a corporation rather than owning the individual unit where they live. Click here for a list of cooperatives in Suffolk County.