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If you are experiencing a sewerage emergency in southwestern Suffolk County, please call

631-854-4150, for all other districts call 631-852-4109


Suffolk County Sewer Agency

Boris Rukovets

Applications are accepted and processed for review by the Suffolk County Sewer Agency for sanitary wastewater projects for subdivisions, condominiums, and proposed contractees to existing sewer districts.

Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program

Linda Waring

Sewer District Service Area Expansion Project

Sanitary Engineering/Construction

Janice McGovern, PE

Administration and design and inspection of capital improvements to sewer district facilities, review and construction inspection of sanitary projects for Sewer Agency and sewer district projects. All plans for sanitary construction for subdivisions and multi-use/owner construction projects in county sewer districts must be submitted for review, approval and inspection by this office. All plans for proposed sanitary construction for multi-owner subdivisions (Sewer Agency) in Suffolk County must be submitted for review, approval and inspection by this office.

Note: 1. Concurrent Suffolk County Department of Health Services review and approval of plans is required. 2. All sewer connections must be approved and an S-9 form issued in order to obtain Department of Health Services approval and a Certificate of Occupancy from the respective towns.

Subdivision Inspection

Sewer Connection Permit Administration and Sanitary Markout 

Gerald Guszack
335 Yaphank Avenue, Suite 204 
Yaphank, NY 11980
Hours: 7 am to 3:30 pm

All individual lots proposed for connection to sewer districts must have a survey marked up with the location of the existing sewer facilities available for connection. This is required by the Suffolk County Department of Health Services for the respective town to issue a building permit.

Utility Markout - "ONE CALL" - 1-800-272-4480

As required by NYS, Suffolk County DPW must locate and mark the underground facilities when notified of a nearby excavation. The excavator must notify the designated "One Call" office of their proposed excavation with sufficient time to allow the required markout.

Operations and Maintenance

Sewer District No. 3 - Southwest
Doug Haussel, Director of Operations and Maintenance
600 Bergen Avenue 
West Babylon, NY
631-854-4157 Emergency: 631-854-4150

All other Sewer Districts  631-852-4103 Emergency: 631-852-4109

Sewer Problems

Please follow the procedures listed below when encountering a problem relating to sewer line blockages or backups in County sewer districts:

  • If the problem is in the interior of the building and/or between the connectee’s house connection and the sewer main, the County is not responsible.
  • If the problem is with the sewer main, the County must be notified in order to verify the problem and correct the problem.
  • Call your plumber to confirm the location of the problem.
  • Notify the District at 631-852-4109 to witness the plumber’s work.

Twenty-one sewage treatment plants and sewer districts, over seventy pumping stations and over 1250 miles of sewers are operated and maintained. These systems are regulated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Suffolk County Department of Health Services and a multitude of federal and safety organizations. The plants range in size from 35,000 gallons per day up 30.5 million gallons per day. Tours are available at Districts 3 and 21 (SUNY) by calling the above phone numbers.

Link to Sanitation Miscellaneous Forms

Suffolk County Government

H. Lee Dennison Bldg

100 Veterans Memorial Hwy
P.O. Box 6100
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Riverhead County Center

County Road 51
Riverhead, NY 11901