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Child Victims Act

CVA (Child Victims Act) Commencement Process FOR POSTING

Pursuant to Chapter 11 of the Laws of 2019, New York State enacted the Child Victims Act (the “CVA”). Parties wishing to file actions under the CVA MUST be aware of the following:

  • CVA actions are mandatory E-file matters in Suffolk County and are subject to all applicable laws and rules regarding electronic filing;
  • CVA actions and any pre-commencement discovery requests are to be filed under the case type Torts - Child Victims Act;
  • A new Request for Judicial Intervention form is available on the NYSCEF system and on the New York State Court’s website which includes this new case type under the heading for “Torts” which is to be chosen when filing same in an action or pre-commencement discovery proceeding.

Please note that the names of the parties to a CVA action and any documents filed in connection therewith will be available to the public unless otherwise directed by a court order.

  • A Summons with Notice, an RJI, and a proposed OTSC or Ex Parte Order with a TRO (seeking authorization to proceed under an anonymous caption and/or seal) shall be filed bearing the full caption;
  • No supporting papers to the OTSC or Ex Parte Order will be filed on the NYSCEF site with the commencing documents;
  • The Plaintiff will bring a full working copy of the moving papers, including supporting papers, to the Court; and
  • Within three (3) business days of the grant or denial of the TRO, the supporting papers and any other documents which would ordinarily have been filed at commencement, such as the Complaint, shall be filed;
  • Opposition and Reply papers shall be filed in the ordinary course and all working copies shall be submitted as required by the assigned judge and the Protocol For Electronic Filing in Suffolk County Supreme Court.
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