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Public Forum Zoom Meeting Instructions

The task force is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Anyone can attend any session.

Anyone can register to be a speaker or to listen.

Listener Instructions: Please remain muted for the duration of the speakers. If there is time to open for comment following all speakers, please “raise your hand” or communicate in the chat that you would like to make a comment.

Speaker Instructions: Anyone who registers as a speaker will receive an email with a speaker number. Prior to entering the meeting, please change your name to “Speaker [insert your number].” Identifying yourself by name is optional. If you are dialing in, we will also announce the last 3 digits of your number as an identifier. Please mute yourself until your speaker number is called. Each speaker will have 3 minutes. Once your time is up, please mute yourself. You may be asked a clarifying question by a facilitator or Task Force member. When answering please be mindful of the time.

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