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Suffolk County Police Reform & Reinvention Task Force

History of the Task Force

On September 10, 2020, Suffolk County announced the members of the Suffolk County Police Reform and Reinvention Task Force and community process in compliance with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order 203 “NYS Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative.” Working with the County Executive’s office, the newly created Task Force will solicit input from individuals and organizations across the county, contributing to the development of a plan that will first be presented to the Suffolk County Legislature and then to New York State by April 1st, 2021 pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order.

The Framework for Task Force Discussions

  1. What Functions Should the Police Perform?
    1. Determining the Role of the Police
    2. Staffing, Budgeting, and Equipping Your Police Department
  2. Employing Smart and Effective Policing Standards and Strategies
    1. Procedural Justice and Community Policing
    2. Law Enforcement Strategies to Reduce Racial Disparities and Build Trust
    3. Community Engagement
  3. Fostering Community-Oriented Leadership, Culture and Accountability
    1. Leadership and Culture
    2. Tracking and Reviewing Use of Force and Identifying Misconduct
    3. Internal Accountability for Misconduct
    4. Citizen Oversight and Other External Accountability
    5. Data, Technology and Transparency
  4. Recruiting and Supporting Excellent Personnel
    1. Recruiting a Diverse Workforce
    2. Training and Continuing Education
    3. Support Officer Wellness and Well-being

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