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Theresa Ward
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Planning & Research

The Research Section of the Suffolk County Planning & Environment Division researches and analyzes information concerning Suffolk County's demographics, housing market, economy, development trends, and land use. The Research Section also maintains a reference collection of current and historic demographic and economic data including U.S. Census information for the Nassau-Suffolk region, and produces planning studies based on the information researched and analyzed. The Research Section regularly monitors data about the local commercial and housing markets, economy, and demographics. The Research Section maintains a comprehensive database of proposed and existing development in retail centers, hotels, office buildings, and multifamily housing complexes for its own use and for the general public.
The Research Section prepares and updates the portion of the County’s Official Statement when Suffolk County bonds are issued. The Official Statement is a narrative that includes a discussion of demographic, housing, economic and major development trends in the County.

The Research Section also provides planning and research services and guidance to agencies such as Suffolk County's local towns and villages, the Suffolk County Office of Legislative Budget Review, the Suffolk County Police Department, the Suffolk County Department of Audit & Control, the Suffolk County citizen advisory panel for downtown revitalization, the Suffolk County Industrial Commercial Incentive Board, and various non-profit agencies.

Statistical Information
The New York State Data Center provides access to U. S. Census Bureau statistical resources and related data for all of New York State. The Suffolk County Planning & Environment Division’s Research Section serves as an affiliate data center for the distribution of census data for Nassau and Suffolk Counties. In this Census Partner role, the Research Division maintains a current and historical reference collection of census information and related economic and demographic information. The division responds to requests for information from consultants, businesses, government, the media, and the general public by locating, interpreting, and distributing census data and related statistical data. The contact persons for this information at the Suffolk County Planning & Environment Division are Peter Lambert at (631) 853-5196 and Seth Forman at (631) 853-6148.

Census Data
The U.S. Census is taken every ten years and the most recent census was undertaken in 2010. The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey provides updated demographic data annually, and the Census Bureau also conducts various economic censuses. Census data analyzed by the Suffolk County Planning & Environment Division's Research Section includes the following files, which can be download by clicking on each file:

        • Suffolk County Data Profile 
        • Population of Places in Suffolk County, 1980-2010
        • Population and Density by Town, 1950-2014 
        • Population, Housing Units, Land Area, and Population Density by Village and Hamlet, 2010
        • Minority Population by Town, 1980-2010 
        • Population by Age Group, 1960-2014 
        • Household Type, 1970-2010 
        • Household Size, 1960-2014 
        • Educational Attainment, 1940-2014
        • Income, 1959-2012 
        • Economic Distress, 2010-2014
        • Foreign Born Population, 1930-2014 
        • Hispanic Population 1980-2010 
        • Language Spoken, 2007-2011
        • Historical population, 1790-1980 
        • Housing Data by Town, 1960-2014
        • Housing data by Village and Hamlet, 1990-2010
        • Businesses and Employment by Industry, 1970-2013 
        • Businesses and Employment by Zip Code, 2013 
        • Farmland, 1910-2012

Commercial and Residential Development Information
The Research Division maintains databases of proposed and existing development in multi-family housing complexes, retail centers, hotels, and office buildings: 

Glossary of abbreviations used in the lists above

Other Data
The Research Division also maintains current and historical information on the following topics: