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These reference reports cover a variety of planning topics and were authored by the staff of the Suffolk County Division of Planning and Environment, formerly the Suffolk County Department of Planning. Suffolk County Planning staff were also the principal authors of publications of the Long Island Regional Planning Board (indicated as LIRPB on the list below), formerly known as the Nassau-Suffolk Regional Planning Board (indicated as NSRPB on the list below).



2020 2020 Countywide Wastewater Management District Feasibility Study & Implementation Plan Report
2018 2016 Land Use – Suffolk County
2017 Annual Report of the Suffolk County Planning Commission
2016 Mud Creek Watershed Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study
2015 Suffolk County Agriculture & Farmland Protection Plan
2015 Suffolk County Comprehensive Master Plan 2035 – Framework for the Future
2014 Suffolk County Comprehensive Master Plan 2035 – Background Documentation
2014 Sagtikos Regional Development Area Study
2014 Suffolk County Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Study – Analysis, Recommendations, and Public Outreach
2014 Suffolk County Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) Study – Inventory of Existing TDR Programs
2012 Comprehensive Master List Update 2012 – Proposed Open Space Acquisitions, Suffolk County, New York
2012 Suffolk County Planning Commission Guidebook
2010 Historic Trust Manual
2010 Robinson Duck Farm County Park Habitat Restoration Feasibility Study
2009 Suffolk County Shellfish Aquaculture Lease Program in Peconic Bay and Gardiners Bay – Program Management Plan
2009 Land Available for Development and Population Analysis, Western Suffolk County
2009 Sunrise Highway Corridor Study: Islip Town and Brookhaven Town, Suffolk County, New York
2009 Suffolk County Planning Commission Guidebook
2009 Long Island Duck Farm History and Ecosystem Restoration Opportunities
2009 Shellfish Aquaculture Lease Program in Peconic Bay and Gardiners Bay
2009 Annual Report of the Suffolk County Planning Commission
2008 Demographic, Economic, and Development Trends, Suffolk County, New York
2008 Greenhouse Structures: Guidelines for Parcels with County Purchased Development Rights
2008 Underwater Land Title Search Data Report
2008 Annual Report to the Suffolk County Planning Commission
2007 Open Space Acquisition Policy Plan for Suffolk County
2007 2007 Existing Land Use Inventory – Western Suffolk County
2006 A Review of Selected Growth and Development Areas – Suffolk County, New York
2006 Incorporated Village of Port Jefferson – Marina-Waterfront District Study
2006 Shopping Centers and Downtowns – Suffolk County, New York
2005 Saturation Population Analysis – Suffolk County North Shore Watershed Management Program
2005 2001 Land Available for Development – Suffolk County North Shore Watershed Management Program
2005 Population Analysis – Suffolk County North Shore Watershed Management Program
2005 Suffolk County Save Open Space Bond Act – Workforce Housing Transfer of Development Right Implementation Plan
2005 Analysis of Business Districts on Neighborhood Road and Mastic Road, Mastic Beach
2004 2001 Existing Land Use Inventory – Suffolk County North Shore Watershed Management Program
2004 Annual Report of the Suffolk County Planning Commission
2003 Land Acquisition Programs: A Summary of Authorizing Legislation and Program Requirements
2003 Suffolk County Smart Growth Committee Report: Analysis and Prioritization of the Smart Growth Policy Plan
2003 Survey Plan for Shellfish Cultivation Leasing in Peconic and Gardiners Bays
2003 Annual Report of the Suffolk County Planning Commission
2003 Housing - Analysis of Data from the 2000 Census
2002 Village of Patchogue – Downtown Business District Study
2002 Policy Guidance for Suffolk County on Shellfish Cultivation in Peconic and Gardiners Bays
2002 Energy Policy for Suffolk County Facilities
2002 Annual Report of the Suffolk County Planning Commission
2001 Village of Port Jefferson - Open Space Plan
2001 Shopping Centers and Central Business Districts – Suffolk County, New York
2001 Saturation Population Analysis – Eastern Suffolk County
2001 Study of Railroad Usage by Residents of Multi-Unit Housing Complexes near Railroad Stations
2000 Census Tract Geography 1960 - 2000
2000 Smart Growth Policy Plan for Suffolk County
2000 1999 Land Available for Development – Eatern Suffolk County
2000 1999 Existing Land Use Inventory – Eastern Suffolk County
2000 Village of Lindenhurst – Downtown Business District Analysis
2000 Smart Communities through Smart Growth – Applying Smart Growth Principles to Suffolk County Towns and Villages
1999 Patchogue River Maritime Center Plan
1998 Suffolk County Planning Commission Subdivision Guidebook
1998 Analysis of Hotels and Motels – Suffolk County, New York
1998 Suffolk County Open Space Plan
1997 Narrow Bay – Floodplain Protection and Hazard Mitigation Plan
1997 Retail Commercial Development – Suffolk County, New York
1996 Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan – The Economy of Agriculture
1995 Journey to Work (LIRPB)
1994 Suffolk County Nature Preserve Handbook
1994 Suffolk County Park Policy Plan
1993 Long Island to Connecticut - Location and Placement of a High Speed Ferry Service
1993 Long Island Regional Strategic Economic Development Plan (LIRPB)
1993 Airport Joint Use Feasibility Study - Calverton Airport (LIRPB)
1993 Financing Government on Long Island Working Paper - Volume 1 and Volume 2 (LIRPB)
1992 Financing Government on Long Island (LIRPB)
1992 The Long Island Comprehensive Special Groundwater Protection Area (SGPA) Plan (LIRPB)
1991 Energy Plan for Long Island, New York (LIRPB)
1990 Suffolk County Airport Study
1990 Study of Man-Made Ponds in Suffolk County New York
1990 Evaluation of Land Use Impacts on Environmental Quality in Urban and Semi-Rural Streams (LIRPB)
1990 Farmland Preservation Program - History and Current Perspective
1990 Bi-County Jail Overcrowding Study (LIRPB)
1990 Golf Course Study - Inventory and Policy
1989 Proposed Long Island South Shore Hazard Management Program (LIRPB)
1989 Long Island Master Plan to the Year 2010 - The Housing Component (LIRPB)
1989 School Consolidation Report - County of Suffolk, New York
1989 Village of Brightwaters - Downtown Study
1988 Maximizing the Potential of Long Island's Defense Sector in an Era of Change (LIRPB)
1988 Long Island High Growth Area - Off-Peak Study (LIRPB)
1987 Senior Citizen Study
1987 Village of Islandia - Development Plan
1987 Proposed Acquisition of Lands for the New York State Environmental Quality Bond Act (EQBA)
1987 Village of Port Jefferson - Village Planning Study
1987 Strategies and Recommendations for Revitalizing the Hard Clam Fisheries in Suffolk County
1986 Lake Ronkonkoma - Clean Lakes Study
1986 Special Ground-Water Protection Area Project (LIRPB)
1986 Town of Shelter Island Planning Study
1985 Private Office Development on Long Island (LIRPB)
1985 Analysis of Dredging and Spoil Disposal Activity Conducted by Suffolk County
1985 Village of Nissequogue - Open Space Analysis
1984 Industrial Development in the Town of Brookhaven
1984 Nonpoint Source Management Handbook (LIRPB)
1984 Hurricane Damage Mitigation Plan (LIRPB)
1984 Village of North Haven - Planning, Environmental Investigations, and Analysis
1984 Journey to Work to Major Employment Centers (LIRPB)
1984 Long Island Regional Food Market Feasibility Study (LIRPB)
1984 Data Book - 1984 - A Place to Enjoy
1983 Labor Force and Jobs Analyses (LIRPB)
1983 Village of Head of the Harbor - Planning Study
1983 Vacant and Recycled School Buildings
1983 Population - 1980 - Postal Districts (LIRPB)
1983 Data Book - 1983 - A Place to Live
1983 Let's Go See by Bicycle
1982 Suffolk County Tax Act - Proposals for Revision
1982 Long Island Segment of the Nationwide Urban Runoff Program (NURP) (LIRPB)
1982 Data Book - 1982 - A Place to Work
1982 Historical Population of Long Island Communities, 1790-1980 (LIRPB)
1982 Five Year Recovery Action Plan
1982 Oil Spill Response Actions in Moriches Inlet (LIRPB)
1982 Land Use – 1981 (LIRPB)
1982 Commercial Development Analyses (LIRPB)
1981 Oil Spill Response Actions in Shinnecock Inlet (LIRPB)
1981 Population - 1980 - School Districts (LIRPB)
1981 Proceedings of the Seminar on Sanitary Landfill Design and Construction (LIRPB)
1980 Proceedings of the Seminar on Protection of Groundwater from Toxic and Hazardous Materials (LIRPB)
1980 Industrial Location Analyses (LIRPB)
1980 Impact of Proposed Peconic County
1980 Open Space Policy
1980 Housing
1979 Oil Spill Response Actions in Fire Island Inlet (LIRPB)
1979 Patchogue Village Planning Study
1978 Long Island Comprehensive Waste Treatment Management Plan - Volume I and Volume II (208 Study) (LIRPB)
1978 Areawide Waste Treatment Management - 208 Study - Summary Plan (LIRPB)
1975 Historic Trust Manual
1975 County Catalog - 1975
1974 Proceedings of the Seminar on Energy Alternatives for Long Island (NSRPB)
1973 Farmlands Preservation Program
1972 Comprehensive Bikeway Plan
1971 Sag Harbor Study and Plan
1970 Nassau-Suffolk Comprehensive Development Plan – Summary (NSRPB)
1970 The Nassau-Suffolk Regional Comprehensive Plan (NSRPB)
1970 Transportation (NSRPB)
1970 Housing Code Enforcement (NSRPB)
1970 Zoning - Inventory and Analysis (NSRPB)
1969 Population (NSRPB)
1969 Utilities - Inventory and Analysis (NSRPB)
1969 Soil Interpretations - Inventory and Analysis (NSRPB)
1968 Existing Land Use (NSRPB)
1968 Public Lands and Facilities (NSRPB)
1968 Housing - Better Homes for Better Communities (NSRPB)
1964 County Catalog – 1964
1963 Population Analysis
1962 Existing Land Use
1961 Suffolk County Planning Commission Progress Report 1960

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